Short Biography

Bruno Gröning was born in 1906 in Danzig, Poland and came to the fore of the public in 1949.

The newspapers got wild. In a provincial town in Wetfalia (DE) rumour was that he healed a fatally ill boy. Thousands from home and foreign countries streamt to the Wilhelmsplatz in Herford (DE).

More and more people reported of extraordinary healings refering to Bruno gröning. Even incurable diagnosed people got obviusly healthy again.

But at early stage also counterforces became noticeable.

First of all the medical fraternity showed themselves more than sceptic towards the phenomenon Gröning. Because of the pressure of the medical fraternity the Lord mayor of Herford spoke out a temporary healing ban against Bruno GRöning on the 3rd May 1949 that became a total healing ban of whole Northern Westfalia on the 7th June 1949. Bruno Gröning draw his consequences and left Herford.

At that time the newspaper “Revue” decided to contribute to a scientific clarification of the “phenomenon Gröning”. In the Ludof Krehl clinic in Heidelberg (DE), under the patronage of Prof Dr Weizsächer, the “healing method” of the so-called “miracle healer” should be researched. Bruno Gröning was promised an expertise if the development was positive. By that his way to freely acting should have been possible.

The doctors showed themselves impressed. In the “Revue” Prof Dr Fischer expressed himself in a pre expertise very positively about the events of the Heidelberg examinations. The obvious healing success of Gröning he traced back to a natural talent.

Prof Dr Fischer made him an offering which Bruno Grönign did not accept because from his point of view it was linked up with unreasonable terms. He believed that one only wanted to make a business out of the whole thing. The rejective position of Gröning refering to this offering got very negatively interpreted. A promised expertise he never got.

In August 1949 Bruno Gröning were invited on a stud, the Traberhof near Rosenheim (DE). This was convenient for him because by this he hoped to avoid the turbulences about his character.

But after the first newspapers reported his arrival in Bayern it spread like wildfire. A giant media freak-out started.

In a short period of time again mass crowd gatherings happened. Till 30 000 people got counted on some days.

What he himself never aspired but the sensationalized tabloid press of the media initiated reached its climax. Even the “Wochenschau” reported and even shot a feature-length documentary for cinema about the extraordinary events at the Traberhof.

Prime minister Dr Erhard declared that such an “exceptional phenomenon” like Gröning should not be allowed to be failed because of paragraphs. The Ministry of the Interior named Grönings doing “free loving activity”.

But also at the Traberhof the tide should turn soon against Bruno Gröning. The initial sensational reporting of the newspapers were followed by a real ratfucking.

Also the medical fraternity appeared again. The healings of countless people got either denied by many doctors or looked at as a consequence of mass influence. The meanwhile finished documentary for the cinemas about Gröning got fiercly attacked by the medical fraternity. It provoked a real storm of protest.

Bruno Gröning also got in conflict with the law. He got accused of continuingly practicing alternative medicine without permission and therefore acting against the law of alternative practioners. For the first time Gröning had to face a charge of unpermissioned practice of alternative medicine. He got acquitted on the 19th March 1952 at first and second instance.

In the hearing of an appeal the acquittal were confirmed but only on the reason under mistake in motive meaning he got credit that he did not know that he possibly would act against the alternative practioner paragraph. So this acquittal was equal to a judicial healing ban.

On the basis of this situation Bruno Gröning founded the so-called “Gröning-Bund” on the 22nd November 1953. In the future he just wanted to be active as a traveller of belief lectures. Most of all he aspired a regulated setting and hoped for a kind of protection by this “Bund”.

He thought no one would be allowed to forbid him to held belief lectures. The right of free experssion of opinion he claimed also for himself and believed that finally he had found a way that was unappealable by the law.

At this time the so-called communities came up. Bruno Gröning visited these and from now on mostly talked to a smaller group of people. It was important for him to give the help and healing seekers a possibility to be able to assure themselves of his Teachings. The responsible people of the “Gröning-Bund” wrote down many healing reports as statement under oath.

On the 4th March 1955 again the prosecution of Munich brought a charge against Bruno Gröning. Again he was accused of acting against the alternative practitioner’s law. Also he was accused in one case of negligent homicide. The criminal court at a local court of Munich finally summoned Bruno Gröning to appear at the main proceeding on the 30th and 31st July 1957.

For Gröning the counts were not comprehensible. Repeatedly he had emphasized that not he does heal but that the divine power streams through his body to the people. He would only be a tool. The count of negligent homicide he called a malicious lie that to his knowing got only spread out to further reduce the trust of the people in him.

Dubious business of his co-workers who tried to make money out of the situation behind his back additionally damaged his image over all these years.

Fatal for Bruno Gröning were that many witnesses during the trial described him and his doing with medical terms so that the suspicion of acting against the alternative practitioner’s law hardened.

Some spoke of the “miracle doctor Gröning”, his lectures were called treatments and so on like one was used it from the doctor’s visit. Thus Bruno Gröning was handed out a punishment of 2000 DM fine because of repeatedly acting against the alternative practitioner’s law. However he was found not guilty of the negligent homicide.

Although the sentence looked positive on first view for Gröning it was unacceptable. Even belief lectures seemed to be not possible anymore. Furthermore he got into heavy financial problems because of the big costs of the proceedings.

On the 14th till the 16th of January 1958 again a trial against Gröning took place because the prosecution had appealed against the sentence of July 1957.

Bruno Gröning was convinced that for long it was not about right or wrong anymore but only to finally get him “behind bars”.

This time indeed one sentenced him to 5000 DM fine because of misdemeanour against the alternative practioner law and also found him guilty of the negligent homicide in the case of Ruth Kuhfuß and in addition judged him to eight months prison suspended sentence.

Bruno Gröning got also desperately disappointed by the “Gröning-Bund”. The support he had hoped for he did not get. Because of narrow-minded bureaucracy and missing engagement one had harmed him very much like he himself said. He was left high and dry during the hearings meaning financial support, activities against the press did also not happen.

In place of the “Gröning-Bund” the “Verein zur Förderung seelisch-geistiger und natürlicher Lebensgrundlagen” (Translation: “Association for the Advancement of Spiritual, Mental and Natural Foundations of Life”) got founded on the 4th May 1958. Grönings name did not appear anymore becasue, like he said, his name would effect some like a “red cloth the bull”.

In the late Autumn of 1958 Bruno Gröning drove to Paris (F9 with his wife Josette. She urged him to this journey because his health state constantly got worst.

Their way got them to the well-befriended doctor and cancer researcher Dr Grabon. Because of the radiogram Gröning got diagnosed of stomach cancer in advanced state. Due to the recommendation of Dr Grabon he went to the private clinic of Dr. Bellanger, a reputable specialist of cancer surgery in the “Rue Henner”.

On the 8th December Bruno Gröning were operated there but his state was more worst than expected.

Because of the fact that Bruno Gröning appeal on points of law againts the sentence of January 1958, finally it came to the revision hearing on the 22nd January 1959 in front of the Higer Regional Court Munich.Gröning wanted to appeal against a judgment of January 1958 that was equal to a healing ban. But he himself could not be present anaymore at the hearing.

At the exact same time he had to undergo an emergency surgery in Paris (F) because of a closure of the large intestine. Dr Bellanger showed himself very concerned to Josette Gröning:
“The destruction in Bruno’s body is terrible. It is a total inner burn-up. How he could live for so long (…) is a mystery to me. But the end is near”

Gröning died on the 26th January 1959 at 1:46 pm in Paris (F). He himself often expressed that this would be his happiest hour when he finally could leave his body and is allowed to go home, home to his father.

In the death certificate it was noted that Bruno Gröning died of cancer. Dr Bellanger called Grönings state originally as total inner burn-up, a death cause whcih Gröning had forseen if one would ongoingly forbid him to heal.

But Bruno Gröning also said:
„It is unstopable! In the whole world the healing shall take place!”