Extracts from Lectures

Soon you will find here the translation of the conent of the first 20 of 120 chapters from the book “Die Lehre Bruno Grönings – Aufruf zur Nachfolge Christi” (Translation: “The Teachings of Bruno Gröning – A Call to Follow Christ”) which is currently in the translation process into English.

Chapter 1: God is Life

Chapter 2: Jesus Christ, the Saviour

Chapter 3: Satan, the Antagonist of God

Chapter 4: All Human Beings And Creatures Are Divine

Chapter 5: Self-Knowledge Leads To God-Knowledge

Chapter 6: The Soul Is The Pure Divine

Chapter 7: Laws of Life

Chapter 8: “A Bond To God Is Everything”

Chapter 9: The Significance of Belief

Chapter 10: No Instinct, No Guidance

Chapter 11: Don’t be a Man-listener

Chapter 12: “Don’t Be Credulous! Assure Yourself!”

Chapter 13: Everyone Shapes His Own Fate

Chapter 14: Reincarnation

Chapter 15: The Free Will of Human Beings

Chapter 16: Decision Between Good And Evil

Chapter 17: To Part With Evil

Chapter 18: To Work on Yourself

Chapter 19: Divine Tests

Chapter 20: Commandment of Charity

The “Extracts from Lectures” are kept as literal as possible. If a bracket with three dots appears there was something left out by the written down lectures (mostly taken from audiotapes) due to easier understanding because either something was repeated or wasn’t acoustically understandable, unfortunately. Should there appear some words in the brackets then they were added due to easier readability. The lectures available on CDs enable every listener to listen to Bruno Gröning in original for himself and to compare everything. Therefore behind every quote of Gröning there is a date mentioned, so far as it is known.