Lectures by Bruno Gröning

Like already mentioned in the category “Introduction into His Teachings” Bruno Gröning always gave lectures without notes. Blunt, always in simple terms, sometimes even quite loud he spoke to the people.
“I am not a speaker, I am not an orator, I am nothing more but this only that I proclaim to man what I am convinced of.” (4th Dec 1958), he explained.
“Did you think that I am here to only pet every single one of you, (…) to cuddle you, to hug you? I think (…) it is better I openly tell the truth how people did spend their lives here.” (5th Oct 1958)
“I repeated myself so many times (…) and again and again I can only say with emphasis: it is necessary, friends! (…) I say it year in, year out, as long as I am allowed to be here, since man has realized it, since man does act upon what he has to act upon and till he follows what we all have to follow yet, sooner or later.” (3rd Oct 1958)

People who read or hear original lectures of Bruno Gröning for the first time are sometimes surprised how non-poetic Bruno Gröning spoke and how simple his choice of words were. However we believe that it is a sign of greatness not to hold overblown, with foreign words provided belief-lectures but to talk so that everybody can understand. For sure, he wasn’t an intellectual but he had the talent to bring fundamental goods of knowledge without mincing matters to the point. Thereby he often used analogies to be even more understandable.

Interestingly, Bruno Gröning gets quite loud at some points in his lectures what may cause irritation by the listeners at first. However who feels within will notice that Bruno Gröning was a great warrior who wasn’t eager only to illuminate but to arouse. Thereby he could be brutally blunt. Again and again he defended God and His laws, again and again he emphasized the sinfulness of many people, again and again he insistently called for the great turn back.

Bruno Gröning did also change his phrases during his lifetime. 1949 e.g., he said often: “I heal you in the name of God!” or simply used the short term: “I heal you!” As he later experienced how the adverse side interpreted these phrases he emphasized consistently: “Not I am the one who makes the healing but the divine power through me.” So on the basis of negative experiences he changed his talking to become more unassailably though from the beginning he did never intend to say that the healings are coming from him. But by the short term “I heal you” in comparison to “I heal you in the name of God!” or even better “Not I am the one who makes the healing but the divine power through me.”, indeed there could be some misunderstandings. On the 5th of October 1958 he explained referring to this:
“And now I come back for once to Herford, (meaning) what I myself did say in Herford: ‘In the course of years I will have my own vocabulary so that no one from the adverse side can come here (…).’”

Unfortunately, in the past, out of various reasons the original lectures of Bruno Gröning were often withhold to the people or only shown a little. Mostly one could get them only in written form if at all. Unfortunately, there were also some rearrangements and manipulations made on some parts.
Although Bruno Gröning said:
“I will assemble an audiotape archive that will newly unite the highest value, the highest value of all people; that on those (tapes) is spoken everything that will later be kept in written form also, (…), that I will leave the ones who are coming (…).” (26th Dec 1958)

The “Circle of Information: Life and Teaching of Bruno Gröning Inc.” is eager to do everything so that people finally can listen to Bruno Gröning in original and to provide written material as extensive as possible. In this context we point to interesting releases as well.
He himself said:
“This teaching which I will give to you on your way today by being here shouldn’t stay with you alone. It should never be a secret but we live here in the divine freedom so that we should feel obliged to think not only about us but also about all the ones next to us. (…) It would be basically wrong if one this way, one the other way would (wish to) engrosses this great teaching, the teaching of God only for oneself (…).” (12 Dec 1955)

Under the category “Extracts from Lectures” one finds an extract of 20 areas of topics that are collect from many lectures of Gröning. The basis were the 120 chapters from the book “The Teachings of Bruno Gröning – A Call to Follow Christ” by Thomas Busse (German version available at Traumleben Verlag: http://www.traumleben-verlag.de/bruno-groening-produkte/), English version will be released in the near future). Original lectures of Bruno Gröning on CD and complete lectures in text form are mainly available through the “Bruno Gröning Stiftung (www.bruno-groening-stiftung.org).

The “Extracts from Lectures” are kept as literal as possible. If a bracket with three dots appears there was something left out by the written down lectures (mostly taken from audiotapes) due to easier understanding because either something was repeated or wasn’t acoustically understandable, unfortunately. Should there appear some words in the brackets then they were added due to easier readability. The lectures available on CDs enable every listener to listen to Bruno Gröning in original for himself and to compare everything. Therefore behind every quote of Gröning on this homepage there is a date mentioned, so far as it is known.

We are convinced if Bruno Gröning would live nowadays that he would use the current coping possibilities to spread his teachings. He once said: “Go with the times otherwise you are gone with the times!” (date unknown) That, back then, he couldn’t give his audiotapes to everyone on their way, mainly out of financial reasons, is understandable. So only the community leaders got the audiotapes with the order to play them during the community hours. The withholding of his original lectures in the past years was often justified by saying that one wanted to avoid people to listen to Bruno Gröning while he was ironing or cooking etc. so that he wouldn’t be dishonoured. If that would be the case you should never be allowed to get a book like the bible e.g. anywhere. But we think that it lies in the discretion and self-responsibility of every single person to handle such gifts reasonable.

From our hearts we wish to thank all those who already provided us with written and originally spoken material of Bruno Gröning. Should one like to provide us with further material, if original or copy, we would be very grateful, also in the name of all those who do not want to hear any more interpretations of Bruno Grönings Teachings but finally him self. This will ensure in the future that a lot of misunderstandings referring to his teachings will be cleared out and make manipulations difficult.