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Dear friends,

I am very glad to invite you to our informational event for East Germany in Berlin. Ten years, since the foundation of our association, we did wish fort hat step to become reality. Now finally it happens!

Naturally, we are grateful if not only us, the members of the association, but also some more are willing to make the way to support the friends in East Germany. We are also grateful for good, kind thoughts!

With great pleasure we find that more and more people visit our new website in the last months, subscribe to our newsletter, „like“ our facebook page and that the informational events are more frequently visited. The trust grows! We are very grateful for that!

During these ten years, since our association is operating, there were many difficulties to overcome to create a good foundation so that people can engage themselves in the life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning, in all freedom, without pressure. It is our major goal that the fact that Jesus Christ is the core of Bruno Gröning’s Teachings is emphasized finally everywhere again! Everyone who keeps quiet about that, out of whatsoever reasons, hast o take the responsibility for it. Decisions that other people came to one has to carry along, too, if one does not distance oneself from it. This is the personal responsibility of everyone!

To you and all friends all love and good from our hearts,
Thomas Busse

☛ Note of admin: This event is held in German. We apologize but we do not have a translator on location. International events are planned for the future. If you understand German you are more than welcome.)
The registration for the 3rd and 4th of September 2016 are now possible.
Please, be aware that we need your registration as soon as possible so that we have an overview about the number of registrations.

More about the event:

We can only accept participants of the informational event who are registered with their name for the event. If you are interested, please, send a mail to .

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