Invitation Conference Hanau (DE)

Dear friends,

hereby I would like to invite you to the conference of our association for West Germany on the 6th and 7th of May in Hanau-Kesselstadt.

We are looking forward to many visitors! If you wish to attend, please write to for the application pdf.
Please mind the application closing time on the 26th of April so that we get an overview how many people wish to come!
We also plan international events for the future with translators. Please let us know if you are interested! The other events that take place in Germany are held in German, no translation is at the location. Please, have this in mind if you wish to attend. You are always welcome!

Also I am glad to tell you that we will put a new independent community on our website:
❈ DE-97447 Gerolzhofen:
Christiane Koch, (+49) 938/319883,

All the best to all the community leaders!

What touched me personally very much was the very positive resonance about the slide lectures! Round about 130 interested people came to Kassel, Rügheim and Kesselstadt! The day before yesterday I just got to know about a great healing a woman was blessed to get in the context of the slide lectures. I have to ask if we are allowed to publish it.

Should you also be interested in a slide lecture and at least 20-25 interested people come together, feel free to contact me.

The members of the association and I wish you all the good and much love from our hearts,

All love and good from our hearts,
Thomas Busse

☛ Note of admin: This event is held in German. We apologize but we do not have a translator on location. International events are planned for the future. If you understand German you are more than welcome.)
The registration for the 3rd and 4th of September 2016 are now possible.
Please, be aware that we need your registration as soon as possible so that we have an overview about the number of registrations.

More about the event:

We can only accept participants of the informational event who are registered with their name for the event. If you are interested, please, send a mail to .

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