Main Issues of his Teachings

Here you find a short overview of the main issues of Bruno Grönings Teachings.

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Bruno Gröning was filled with great love and awe for God and his creation. He said:
„God is our father, creator of our world!“ (31st Aug 1950)
„God is life. Love is God.“ (handwritten)

And he made clear:
„We are all dependent on God. Without God there is no life because God is life itself!“ (5th Oct 1958)
„God is everything to us and what are we without Him? I say with utter conviction – nothing!“ (4th Dec 1958)

In all of his lectures he always talked about how important it is for man to come to self-knowledge. All people, no matter what religion or nation, he named children of God. And he explained that everyone is in need to understand the rules of creation and put them into action.
„Our real host on this earth is God (…) and we have to act in accordance with our host.“ (3rd Oct 1958)
„Every creature belongs to God and God has one, that is to say His rule. Who does not know it, does not take it to his heart, does not follow it, won’t have any success.“ (date unknown)

With dunning words he insistently called mankind for the great turn back. He was convinced that on the basis of the non-observance of the wise rules of God so much misery, hardship and suffering developed on earth.
„God won’t bring any man, any of His creatures off his will.“ (5th Oct 1958), he explained furthermore. But he also said: „God’s will is defined. God wants man to be helped the moment he realizes that the evil debases him. God helps him, God guides him and God also forgives.“ (5th Oct 1958)
Many of his lectures he ended with the words: „Love life – God! God is everywhere.“ (4th Dec 1958)

Absolutely straight and very often Bruno Gröning professed himself to Christ. In many of his lectures he talked again and again about Him and His Teachings in highest respect. As a sign he himself wore constantly a crucifix around his neck. He said:
“Wasn’t Christ the greatest example for mankind? (…) He did all what he had to do, all what God told Him. He went where God led him, not people. And He talked all what God did tell Him. (…) It is indeed the Teachings of Christ that you have to take to your heart. (…) Christ handed over so much good to us for our path of life. Why didn’t the people take the good to their hearts, why didn’t they absorb it?” (4th Dec 1958)

A central point of the Teachings of Bruno Gröning is the call to all people to finally follow Christ seriously.
“A real true Christian can only be the one who follows Christ like He expected us to, like His Teachings tell us all about it, my dear friends. And therefore Christ was thirty-three years on this earth (…) to communicate to us everything what God has to say for us, for the whole mankind. Because else the people could not listen to God anymore. (…) He (the human) is in need of being connected to God. (…) And more was not in the intention of Christ; more was not in the intention of God; that is the absolute true, divine teaching, that is the Teaching of Christ how He did it give away to us, how He did give it away to mankind! God-conjointness is everything!” (4th Dec 1958)

Christmas was the most holy event for Bruno Gröning during the year.
“What does this event mean to you (…)? What does the birth of Christ mean to you? (…) Why did God give Christ a life on earth here? (…) What was God’s intention by this and what was Christ supposed to do here? (…) Isn’t there a part in the song ‘Silent Night, Holy Night’ that says that Christ is the Safier? (…) ‘Christ, the Safier, is here!’ Yes, my dear friends, you sing it but you do not know it, you do not believe it, you did not take it to your heart! You did never follow all what Christ did hand over to us through His Teachings for our on-going life on earth.” (4th Dec 1958)

And out of belief he said:
“Christ is always amongst the people, He is not dead, there is no death, there is only redemption!” (5th Oct 1958)

The confession of Bruno Gröning to Christ and His Teachings though does not mean that he was dogmatic or intolerant in any way. Never did he claim that only the Christian way leads to God.
Quite the contrary he clarified:
“To me it doesn’t matter at all how man finds God, main thing is that he finds God!” (date unknown)

“The greatest doctor of all people is and will always be our Lord!” (24th Sept 1949)
“Who did give life to you? Only God! And He wants to give you health!” (September 1949)

Bruno Gröning avouched with insistence that there is no incurable disease.
“There is a lot that cannot be explained but nothing that cannot happen.” (4th Sept 1950) was one of his many wise sayings. Health he saw as the divine order in man, illness as disorder. This disorder would always happen if man did not act according to the laws of God what would mostly happen unaware. Thus the evil (the disease) is able to enter man.
“Jesus Christ knew that every disease comes through sin. Therefore He admonished the ill one after the healing: “Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.” (handwritten)

Unfortunately, according to Bruno Gröning, many had lost the belief that God could heal them on a spiritual way.
“Many people know how to brush aside by claiming then and now about themselves to be a believing person, (…) and they always believed, and they did pray to God, and He did not answer their prayers, and they were not freed from the evil. (…) I know (…) that they have fallen for a power, that is the power of habit and that they do only comfort themselves with the word ‘belief’ but cannot believe in reality because they did not yet take the word “belief” to their hearts, they did not put it into action yet!” (4th Dec 1958)

This belief in God’s help Bruno Gröning emphasizes as a basic condition to experience a healing by the spiritual way.
“If you just believe that you will experience the salvation then you already got help. Just believe!” (5th Oct 1958)
“Who believes in his health believes in God.” (handwritten)

Out of this reason he also said:
“It is wrong if you ask: ‘What can he heal?’ No, you have to ask the question: ‘Who can he heal?’ You can also balk at it. (…) But then it is not my fault!” (5th Sept 1950)
“Should I lie to you, should I say that someone like me counts here? No, friends, it is you who counts, how you absorb the good.” (5th Oct 1958)

Additionally he clarified:
“I do not ask any help-seeker to which religion or nation he belongs. Human is human, we people are all only children of God, there is no difference then (…)” (5th Sept 1950)
For Bruno Gröning the origin, the status, the title, the skin colour etc. was totally unimportant to help someone in the name of God.

But one condition he expressed very clearly, again and again:
“Help and healing comes only to the people who have the strong belief in our Lord. But (…) who did lost him and is willing now to accept him again, also help shall be bestowed to him.” (27th Aug 1949)
“Here the person itself counts, how he did free himself to receive the healing, that means he has to be pure. He must know that he is no blasphemer. He must know that he feels obliged and connected to live with the Lord. Then he is pure.” (27th Aug 1949) “Do have trust and strengthen your belief!” (11th Sept 1949)
“It should not be like people did imagine it to date that they go once in a week and that is the Sunday to the Lord’s house and pray there and that it would be done for the week again, (…). That is wrong! If I say ‘I believe in the Lord’ so I must be the person accordingly, must be a role model (…) and must also show that I am a good person.” (17th Oct 1949)
“Go to the Lord’s house, pray devoutly there (but) not like before, that single ones, maybe many, also have gone there only to see what one or the other person is wearing and to talk about him and many other dirty things (…). This one should not do if one goes to church! There one should pray piously and devotionally and thank the Lord for all what He has done good to man.” (17th Oct 1949)
“Do believe that you are not alone, do believe that you are a divine creature, do believe that you are a child of God! Do believe that God gives you everything what He has destined for you, for every creature.” (5th Oct 1958)

Bruno Gröning also pointed out that no one is allowed to demand something from God.
“The main part did expect to get healthy immediately. That is a demand. (…) You are only to get, to receive!” (22nd Sept 1950)
“Most of the time it is fast but who insists that it will be fast, that right no man has to demand suchlike. Don’t push and demand but ask the Lord (…)” (10th Sept 1949)

Also the gift of health no one could buy from Bruno Gröning. He rejected such intention strictly and admonished these people partially very gruff.
“The good, the divine you can not buy with money, with gold, also brilliants, with whatever you have. (…) Money is might, health is almightiness!” (3rd Oct 1958)

For him health was the most precious belonging and he named a healing even sanctification. Out of this reason he often said: “To be rich means to be healthy!”

To get a healing through the spiritual way the regular absorption of divine power was a fundamental condition to Bruno Gröning. He also named the power of God healing current and explained:
“Everyone of these depleted bodies has a big energy deficit. (…) The bigger the loss of energy is the longer or more often there is a need for a recharging till the body has so much energy that it is operational again.” (handwritten) “A person who is nervous, I say, he has no energy, he is chiselled out of the power, of the own body power.” (5th Oct 1958)
“The energy wearing is very high (…) and therefore more than ever he (man) has to take care that he absorbs new energy on a daily basis. (…) Think of your body on a daily basis. Absorb new meaning good power every day. (…) And then, after that, if you have absorbed enough power, you will say: Now I feel well, now I feel free. Yes, to eliminate the evil (the disease), friends, for that you need much, actually very much good power (…). And this will only be possible so he (man) knows how to tune into and switch on the real true divine transmission.” (date unknown)

People who did absorb the power via the introduction by Bruno Gröning often reported that they felt a prickling and a strong feeling of warmth in their bodies. Many also described this body feeling as soft, pleasant current that flushes the body, often connected with a pleasant feeling of calmness and lightness. Also nowadays people who, inspired by the Teachings of Bruno Gröning, open themselves to the energy of God describe these phenomena. The divine energy goes without help to the parts where it must effect.

Bruno Gröning taught that man should not cross arms or legs during the absorption of the divine power because that would hinder the entering of the healing current. The hands should be laid on the thighs like open blossoms. Additionally, it would be optimal not to lean the back onto a chair or armchair.
“And now I ask you to take apart your hands that you held together.” (9th /10th Sept 1949)
“Please leave the back free, the backrest has holiday today.” (4th Sept 1950)
“Those who still have a free movable body like to clench it very much. That is the power (…), the power of habit: crossing one’s legs. Sure he (man) can loll himself once in a while (…) but not there then he wants to receive the good, the divine.” (5th Oct 1958)

In the autogenic training one speaks also of the so-called „Droschkenkutscherhaltung“. He explained that one should imagine legs and arms like conductors. In this technical example a contact of two non-isolated conductors causes a short circuit. This would be the same in the body. The crossing of the arms or legs initiates an energy hold-up so that the subtle energies cannot flow through correctly. Even if a person is bedridden he can follow that. So the healing power of God can also be experienced while in a supine position.

Bruno Gröning explained in addition that there exists a close connection between the absorption of divine energy and the divine protection.
“Does he (man) absorb the energy of God he stays in the divine guidance, then he has the protection. But does he get out of this guidance, then he doesn’t have it, then he is without guidance.” (5th Oct 1958)

On the basis of these explanations it gets clear how crucially important it is to take time on a daily basis to go into the silence and to absorb the divine energy.
A saying is: “In calmness lies power!”
“Because this he (man) has to do first: to shake off the discomposure, not absorb the discomposure in the first place but only one thing: absorbing the calmness, move to calmness (…) and then he will not only get a good, a pleasant feeling but then he will receive the good thoughts, the thoughts from the good, from the divine source of thoughts.” (26th Dec 1958)

Nature, the Actual Medicine:

Not only the regular absorption of the divine power but also the use of natural healing herbs can influence the healing process positively.
“I am still committed to it: natural healing herbs! Nature gives people everything by what the Lord let grow for us. Why produce everything artificial?” (11th July 1949) “All what was created artificially man-made exists also naturally, better and easier (…).” (22nd Sept 1950)

He continually criticized that man went the artificial way and clarified:
“Much was not yet done in naturopathy.” (11 July 1949)
In this context he liked to point out times in which people lived more intensive in resonance with nature.
“The first human beings (…) took the herb into the mouth or put it on somewhere: ‘Well, it will be healed’, yes, and the eye was healthy, the hearing was there again. (…) The Lord has put us on this earth and gave us all for the journey so that we can heal ourselves.” (7th Sept 1950) In this context he often emphasized: “Back to nature! Back to our Lord!”

Not only the position of the body is essential for the absorption of the divine healing power but also the inner position.
“When can you absorb it? Not before you yourself did let go of the evil, so that you really do not have anything in common with the evil anymore. Before that the absorption can not take place. Before that it is not possible. So, open your heart now and really pour it all out. Away with all sorrows and worries!”

An elementary part of the Teachings of Bruno Gröning is the knowledge about the power of thoughts. The help and healing seeker should let go of all negative thoughts very consciously especially thoughts about the disease, all fears, sorrows and worries. “Trust and have faith, the divine power helps and heals”, Bruno Gröning emphasized again and again. The inner, positive attitude he pointed out as the fundamental condition so that God can be effective.

“Don’t think about the disease, about the past.” (19th Sept 1950)
Sometimes Bruno Gröning told that many people literally sit on their disease and would not let go of it.
“If he (the human) keeps himself busy with his suffering, it is impossible for him to receive at all.” (7th Sept 1950)
“On-going man does keep himself busy with what he had felt as un-healed at his body. He nurtures and cultivates it. He does all possible. He knows nothing else to do because the power of this habit became second nature to him (…). He really keeps himself busy with the un-healed and by this he breaks up and debases his body.” (5th Oct 1958)
“I say who keeps himself busy with his disease does hold onto it but who wants to get rid of it, and this everybody wants, might not think about it but observe his body (…).” (23rd Sept 1950)
“Good goes only in where bad got eliminated.” (31st Aug 1950)

The conscious letting go of the thought about the disease is consequently the basic condition for every spiritual healing. Therefore man shouldn’t also not say: “That is my disease” because with this thought he would hold onto it. Also he should not say: “I have this disease” but “ I had this disease” to already let go internally. Bruno Gröning warned the healing seekers in general to talk about the diseases.

To receive the healing wave it is important that man is correctly tuned in that means into strong faith in the healing and into the right sender, God himself! Bruno Gröning often told the example with the radio. All negative thoughts create a bad reception. God always sends all good things but many people cannot feel it because they have a false attunement to life.

It is recommended to listen to a comforting music during the attunement to the divine sender and simply think about something beautiful. Many do imagine the ocean, the mountains, pictures of the wood or of the countryside, a sunset or else. At the same time one should observe once body.
“You only have to tune yourself in to receive the divine transmission or better said to get it. How you get this transmission you will get to know. But again and again I have to say, not before you give your body full attention, you pay attention what happens inside, even less around but only inside, in your own body. When you get distracted by the surroundings then simply close your eyes (…).” (date unknown)

Friedrich Retlow mentioned in his brochure “Bruno Grönings Heilstrom – seine Natur und Wirkung” (translation: “Bruno Gröning’s healing current – his nature and effect”) from the Fifties another important aspect referring to the positive thinking:
“Especially in healings via the energy current (…), which the materialistic world faces disbelieving and rejecting, the danger is there that snide opinions, mean judgments storm onto the ill person (…) and by this destroy the belief in his healing and health. (…) Some fall-back into the former state of disease is to be attributed to this destroying influence of negative thoughts. Thoughts are powers that have their own specific resonance and vibration. (…) If therefore ill people (…) from a harmonic environment of good, helpful and confident people step over into another circle of mocker, doubter and disbeliever and have to stay there, out of the mentioned reasons, there can be fall-backs whose causes are not recognizable on the outside. It is therefore a command of intelligence during such a change of environment as well as generally in the communication with sceptics and ignoramuses to stay silent about an induced healing through the current. Not until the period of transition is over and the state of health is strongly founded and seems to be safe should one talk freely about it.”

The power of thoughts, not only referring to health but in all states of life, is pointed out in many books of our time, partially in a millions editions. Authors like Dr Joseph Murphy, Norman Vincent Peale, K. O. Schmidt, Dale Carnegie, Louise L. Hay and many others have written great books about this topic.

During or after the attunement to the divine healing power pain in the body can occur, so-called regulation pain. They appear when the former disease (disorder) in the body gets transformed into health (order) through the in-flow of the healing current. In the process the accumulated debris and toxins must get removed and rejected.

Bruno Gröning said about this:
“What does not belong in must get out!” (date unknown)
In regulations he saw nothing else but a cleaning process, which is simply necessary for some people.
“The regulation pain has to be! Often individual people worry that a fall-back occurs when the regulation pain starts. (…) Therefore I draw your attention to accept it when the regulation pain comes. Nothing bad happens but only that the human becomes healthy.” (1st Oct 1949)
“There, where everything was in disorder, health has to fight its way and to work as long as this or the other organ, meaning the ill organ, is in order again. Don’t be afraid, let it happen. It is the good, the divine!” (23rd Sept 1950)
“It is just a matter of the suffering that this one or the other one has in his body. Everything takes its time!” (15th Oct 1949)

So, for example, headaches may occur often.
“Who gets a headache I say ‘great’, because there it must work then, it has to go through now to effect the organ, (…).” (31st Aug 1950)
Also pain in places where the illness had fixed itself may appear. Reactions like diarrhoea, choking up, fever, tiredness and more are also not unusual. Bruno Gröning described this regulation process as something very positive because this would be a sign that man responses to the divine power and the cleaning process in his body starts.

In the area of homeopathy the term “initial worsening” is known, too. In the scriptures of the famous doctor Paracelsus from the 16th century it already becomes clear that he also knew the phenomenon “initial worsening”: “He who wants to become healthy again has to know that it does not work without pain, (…) and how we get our nourishment from our sweat so it is here: in our sweat, with pain we will get healthy from illnesses.” (from “Paracelsus, die Geheimnisse”, p. 208)
It is worth mentioning that also there were and still are today many healings without any regulation states.

About all it is important to empathize again that one should always stay under medical control. Bruno Gröning did never advise against doctor’s visit or the use of medicine! Many audio records of his lectures prove this.

“As true as it is that there is the Lord there is also the Satan.” (22nd Sept 1950)
With his clear words about the evil Bruno Gröning did not intend to provoke fears nor prepare the ground for religious fanaticism but to enlighten the modern man and to warn about this negative power. For him the existence of the evil was the cause for all negative development on earth like e.g. wars, plagues, diseases, the destroying of nature and much more.

“That the Satan rages here amongst the people one can not mention enough.” (19th Sept 1950)
“Satan succeeded with his work. His work is done!” (23rd Sept 1950)
“This Satan (…) did indeed manage it to tempt man with all possible (…), he managed it to draw man away from the true, divine path. He did tempt him, he did lure him and led him on meander on which mankind mainly is.” (26th Sept 1950)
Bruno Gröning talked in this context especially about imperiousness and money addiction to which many have fallen. Also he emphasized that the striving for material goods did held many back from striving for God.
“The evil (…) puts all in to hinder people again and again that they do not take the good path (…).” (26th Dec 1958)

He also explained how the evil gets power about a person in fact through the thoughts. He depicted God as the good source of thoughts, Satan as the bad one. Man must check again and again where a thought would come from and if it was worth absorbing. The bad thoughts every man should reject consciously like e.g. thoughts of revenge, envy, greed etc.

And again he warned:
“The evil will defend himself. The evil will always do everything not to get eliminated. And the evil is so deceitful and knows how to creep and sneak in everywhere.” (4th Dec 1958)
Therefore Bruno Gröning called the people to fight against the evil that means to defend oneself internally against all that one has already seen through. Without fight there is no victory he clarified.

Wide circles of liberal theologians interpret the distinct confession of Christ in the New Testament concerning the existence of a satanic power unfortunately only as a matter-of-history misconception. It seems not to fit into the worldview of a modern person. But behind this a great danger lies. Augustinus once said: “The power of the devil is the highest there one does not believe in his existence anymore.”

Bruno Gröning was aware of this and therefore called mankind to the great reversal:
“But two masters, my dear friends, you cannot serve. Not on the one hand the evil and on the other hand God! (…) All of this what you have sensed as evil in this life, on earth, till now you have to put aside completely. You have to turn your back to evil; you have to go the other way. And therefore I call you for the great reversal! Go your way as – for us all through Christ – God destined it.” (4th Dec 1958)

A basic condition to return to God Bruno Gröning described as follows:
“He (man) must become a God-listener. He must come into the divine guidance, without there is no life!” (5th Oct 1958)
But unfortunately many would have become dependent on the view or opinion of their fellow men by which the way to be a God-listener became closed. Therefore Bruno Gröning warned intensively, again and again:
“Friends, don’t become dependent on people, only on the One how it is indeed in reality: We are all dependent on God!” (5th Oct 1958)
“Does man not want to be free? But he was chiselled of his freedom that God gave to him from the beginning by people who are ignorant, who only live in the belief, this, that and that must be so, he has to conform. There he became a man-listener! And therefore he could not listen anymore to what God tells him. And therefore he no longer was in the divine guidance anymore. There he became unsafe, there he became without rights!” (5th Oct 1958)

In our opinion, unfortunately, this dilemma of man-listening is also often wide spread today in many religions and spiritual movements. Again and again someone calls the shots, announces so to speak the will of God and all others have to follow. Who refuses to follow mostly becomes an outsider or a “black sheep”. Many get outlawed, banned or excluded. Through such practice the single person gets incapacitated and chiselled out of his own capability of decision-making. Who falls into such dependence will never learn to notice the own divine voice or conscience and the clear feeling what is good or wrong for oneself. Therefore obviously it is a fatal failure to leave the self-responsibility for his life to others!

“Listen in silence to your conscience. Hearken to your conscience totally turned off, turned off from the action around you, turned off from the words around you and turned off from the thoughts around you. Hearken inside of you and (…) this conscience will answer to you. And how this answer will be, so let it be, so it is solely true because your conscience is your soul and your soul is divine, is God inside of you.” (October 1955)

During a lecture Bruno Gröning once invited the people to ask themselves a question. After a short time period he asked if they were given an answer in their hearts. A woman whom he addressed approved it. Bruno Gröning was pleased about it and said basically:
“See, you do not need to ask the Gröning. Everything lies inside of you!”
Many contemporary witnesses reported that in general Bruno Gröning disliked to be asked.

For sure, the way to self-confidence is not always easy. Referring to this Bruno Gröning said:
“Exercise, exercise I have to say, exercise self-confidence!” (5th Oct 1958)
And he explained further:
“Self-confidence is trust in God!” (date unknown)

Naturally, one needs a proper portion of courage to loose the fear of wrong decisions. For sure, from time to time one may come a cropper. But this is not so bad if one is willing to learn from one’s failures. Only by doing so it is possible with time to notice the inner voice of the heart more and more precisely. One just has to exercise and become not dependent on tarot cards, a pendulum, a medium or a guru. Only by doing so it will be fulfilled what we are saying in the Lord’s Prayer: “Lord, thy will be done!”

“Is there a basic principle to which one can act in accordance one’s whole life? Yes, charity!” (handwritten)
This guideline of Bruno Gröning shows his deep, inner attitude. Very often he speaks about this central point of his Teachings.
“The human is a creation of love. What is created in love can only live in love. Love is God!” (handwritten)
This love, so did he emphasize, man can absorb that means the love to God, to oneself and your next one if one concentrates on God and asks Him for it.

The spread of the love amongst the people he sees as a surety for the development of true peace on earth.
“You should be a human to human beings. Love your neighbour like yourself! Not nasty, not (being) double-faced, doing nothing bad to anybody. You should all be good, good among each other. You should know that you belong together, no matter if poor or rich.” (27th Aug 1949)
“That is one can do as a human being, to help one’s fellow men (..).  If everybody does it then there is peace on earth again.” (19th Sept 1950)

The active practice of charity also was for him the way to true, inner happiness.
“Dear friends, so you do good not only at yourself but to the next to you, that is really, true divine service. Then you will receive the wages of God. Believe me. Don’t be heartless but absorb a lot of good, absorb the love of God then you, too, will be somebody else. Then you won’t have any worries and hardships, quite the contrary: then you are an affirmative human full of joy for life. You count yourself to the happiest people then (…). How happy is the one or the other if here and there he saves a life of a person, like one says, is rewarded as a lifesaver. What a Happiness-radiating feeling this person does have his whole life long. (…) Who has helped already one, even the closest one, I ask you, wasn’t it a happy feeling for you? If only you did organize a place to stay (for him), if only you gave him a chair or what he could not pay, if it was a bed or (…) a piece of cloth, it still was a feeling of happiness! (…) But to which amount would it be nicer and to which amount would it be bigger, I am talking about the feeling of happiness here, if you have more and can give more. And even greater happiness will come if you share with your next one. (…) All these cold hearts, my dear friends, must be warmed up again. You have to tell your next one that we are all the same creature, we are all created by the One; indeed we all have only one God to whom we belong and whom we have to follow. Man became (…) uncharitably. And therefore I shortly mentioned the war that brought poverty and hardship. People became cold. They became brutal. Like they often say (…) they walk over dead bodies. God does not leave men but men did leave God themselves! (…) And therefore they became uncharitably. Therefore they became cold. Therefore they have such a cold heart. They do not have the sensibility or the feeling for the next ones. (…) Poverty and hardship is the highest nowadays. And now God comes and calls them. He calls them back; He admonishes them for the good. Yes, He admonishes them (…) now to take in the lovingness that He commanded to everyone (…). (6th Oct 1958)

Bruno Gröning did not only wish to help people to become healthy again but his main life goal he expressed as follows:
Often I have given you the knowing what my actual aim is: I want to lead every human back to the belief because every human is a creature of nature, every human is a child of God. We people only have one father and this is our Lord. And because many people went off belief and I want to lead them back to belief.“ (1st Oct 1949)

“I stand before people only like a guidepost who once again points out to them the right track, who once again shows them the path again that they went off, bit by bit, since centuries. (…) If you decide for this path it is not my business, it is every persons’ own business.” (29th Sept 1950)
Bruno Gröning emphasized repeatingly that he only felt obliged to serve the truth and had the courage to hand it over, outspoken and in the words of todays time.
“I have the will to lead every human onto the good path but I have to tell him the truth.” (6th Oct 1958)
He also said: “I do not know many; I know only further as what man do not know anymore today.” (date unknown)

His Teachings, during the simultaneous absorption of the divine healing power that Bruno Gröning was allowed to pass on like a transformer, indeed led many people to health. Apparently, this power flew to him in special amount so that he could, like a transformer, forward it depending on the need.

But he emphasized again and again:
“It’s not me who heals but it leads the people to their healing.” And he rejected every thanks towards his person. “Who got the help should thank the Lord not the small Gröning. I am nothing, our Lord is everything!” (31st Aug 1949)
“I say (…) again and again (…): Never thank me, let’s thank God. I always thank God that I can do this, that I am allowed to serve Him (…) How you show your gratitude towards God I leave up to you.” (3rd Oct 1958)
“Just know that I am nothing else but your helper! Know, my dear friends, I am nothing more but a servant of God what you also can be if you just want to, if you just do it! And know, my dear friends, that I am nothing more than a tool, a tool of God (…).” (4th Dec 1958)

Bruno Gröning consequently refused every kind of personality cult.
„I did not have the intention to raise myself like this, no, I was emphasized by ill people.“ (1st Oct 1949)
Although he repeatedly pointed out that one should only see him as a helper, still there were people who showed themselves as fanatic towards him and literally deified him. Therefore he put it straight:
„I do not want to be glorified by one single of my fellow men. I am not God but only divine like every other of my fellow man!“ (17th Oct 1955)

His promise: “God willing, I will continue to help!” (date unknown) did already fulfil itself. Countless healing reports in this day and age prove that he still follows this mission to help on a spiritual level from an otherworldly dimension. Particularly his Teachings are a milestone on the way to health and inner contentment if one really take them to heart. That’s the way his words are to understand:
“When I am once not on this earth anymore everyone, out of himself, can experience the help and healing.” (date unknown)