Bruno Gröning’s Teachings

His Teachings Bruno Gröning did not write down but for the main part he hold freely spoken belief lectures that partially were record onto audio tapes or got stenographed.

In addition talks of meetings exist which were conserved for ensuing ages likewise as well as some handwritten notes of him. Who engages deeper into his Teachings will find a great variety of topics that go far beyond the aspect of healing.

He did not draw his knowledge through the mind like it is usual nowadays. His way to realization of truth lead him above all into nature. Already as a child it drew him into the forest.

„Here I experienced God: in every bush, in every tree, in every animal, yes, even in the stones. Everywhere I could stand and contemplate for hours – actually there was no time concept –  and always it was to me as if my whole internal life stretched out into infinity.“ (From one of his résumés)

„I am not a graduated person, I am neither widely read nor did I accept in a human teaching, no. I went my own ways (…) and will continue to go them. I will not accept any human teaching.” (24th Sept 1949)

Bruno Gröning only went to elementary school till the fith class (German school system) what later got very negatively interpreted by the academics of todays times. One called his simple, for everyone understandable words primitive and marked him as uneducated, yes, even as a stupid person.

In China there is an interesting wise saying referring to this:
„A noble person who has found the right way by no means has to wear the dress of the academics, neither does one know about the ones who wear the dresses of the academics if indeed they found the right way. ” (Dschang Dse, „Worte, die Berge versetzen – Weisheit der Chinesen“, I,198)

The Teachings of Bruno Gröning indeed has no intellectual or even scientific demand but he draws from a source which always was the most important for him: God and His creation!

Tantanga Mani of the Stoney Native Americans tribe said referring to this:
„I did not attend a higher scholl but the Great Spirit gave to me what I would not have learned in any class room (…). Many educated people understand pretty little of the creation of the Great Spirit and its wonders while many uneducated people own this understanding. I did not go to any of your higher schools but still I went to the best university which exists, the great university out in nature.“(Bydlinski/Recheis, „Die Erde ist eine Trommel“, S.89)

Mahatma Gandhi, die „Great soul of India” as he is called respectful, said:
„A knowledge that is limited to the head and is not rooted into the heart is (…) of little value.“ (G. Berron, „Auserwählte Kostbarkeiten“, S.18)

A further wise saying from China says:
„Those who form their abilities only in worldly studies in hoping (…) to get enlightened thereby – such people wander in the dark!“ (Lao Dse, „Worte, die Berge versetzen – Weisheit der Chinesen“, I,186)

Nowadays in our modern, highly engineered civilization charaterized exclusively by the mind the most complicated declarations in many different areas are issued by scientists and often revised later. It is only a question of time until the newest knowledge overtakes old ones. On account of this fact, more and more often an absolute truth is questioned. One entertains doubts about an universally valid, eternal truth.

As Christians one should not entertain these doubts. Referring to this inn the New testament Jesus speaks clear, unequivocal words:
„I am the way, the truth and the life!“ (John 14.6); „You will recognize the truth, and the truth will free you!“ (John 8.32); „I am born and I have come into the world that I should testify the truth.“ (John 18.37); „But when I tell the truth why don’t you believe me?“ (John 8.46). Bruno Gröning referred very often to Christ and His Teachings.

The core of the Teachings of Bruno Gröning are the Teachings of Christ! Consistently, with insisting, touching words, in his lectures he called to follow Christ finally and consequently! He had a very close connection to Him and His Teachings and criticized that one not really has not followed the “greatest role model of mankind”:

“A really true Christian can only be who follow Christ like Christ expects it of us, like His Teachings told us this all. And therefore Christ was thirty-three years on this earth, meaning in his body that God gave Him for this life on earth so that He can communicate us all what God for us, for whole mankind has to say! Because otherwise people could not listen to God anymore.” (04th Dec 1958)

We, the people responsible of this website, and a lot of other Bruno Gröning friends are sure of the fact that Bruno Gröning had a deep inside in everlasting truth of life. Although he emphasized that he wasn’t saying anything new, he still felt obliged to point it out to people with today’s words and to wake them up.

“I feel obliged to elucidate man.“ (22nd Sept 1950)
„I teach our people everything, which leads every person to God by the Teachings of Christ which we people have to put into action.“ (date unknown)
„It is about truth here, isn’t it, to tell the truth to people, to make the people know what truth is and how God has destined life (…) for people.” (18th Jan 1959)
„How necessary it is that one tells you the truth consistently, only tells what you can experience as truth on your own. But you have to move on to assure yourself about it.” (04th Dec 1958)
„I push nobody, I leave every person free to all and only recommend always and consistently (…) to assure oneself of everything. “ (26th Dec 1958)
„Please, please don’t be gullible! (…) You don’t need to believe what I say. (…) You have one duty only: to assure yourself!“ (05th Oct 1958)

Blunt, always simple, sometimes even loud, Bruno Gröning spoke to people.

„Do you believe, I have come here to pet everybody individually (…) to caress you, to cuddle you, to embrace you? I believe, (…), it is better, that I openly tell the truth how people have wasted their life here.” (05th Oct 1958)
„I have repeated myself so often (…), and over and over again I can only emphasize: it is necessary, friends! (…) I say it year in, year out, as long as I am allowed to be here, until man has grasped it, until man follows what he has to follow and until he follows Him whom finally everybody must follow sooner or later.“ (03rd Oct 1958)

When will the need and the misery stop once and for all? When will the illness army be reduced? (…)  Not the way, dear friends, like a person is used to it. (…) He must turn back, he must really become and also do what God has destined him for, not otherwise, he must become a God-listener. He must come into the divine guidance, without there is no life.“ (05th Oct 1958)

We are sure of the fact that it is urgently necessary that humanity gets to know the truth and recognizes and follows. Christ already said so revealing: „The truth will free you!“ (John 8.32) We believe that the truth offers the key to internal freedom for every single person and will release humanity on a global scale of many unsolved problems of our times!

Nevertheless, we would like to emphasize that truth is to be found not only in the Christian teaching, but also in other religions, spiritual movements and with spiritual developed personalities. God has revealed many ways, so that we people can find the way back to Him. Because we have experienced great help and healing and a touching God-closeness by following the words of Bruno Gröning, we would like to recommend it particularly and to pass it on.

If the following quotes of Bruno Gröning within the various rubrics have a parentheses with three dots some words or sentences were left out for easier understanding. Because otherwise something would repeat or do not refer directly to the topic of the particular rubric. Should within these parentheses some words appear we did add those for easier readability. Who owns some of the original CDs of Bruno Gröning’s lectures is able to control everything and to find that no manipulation of meaning takes place.