Stomachache / Colics

March 2010

E. M.

Informational Event

Since circa my 16th age I suffered of stomachache in combination with reaptingly suddenly appearing heavy, crampy pain in the stomach (colics).

There was rarely a day when I was without pain.

Ultrasonic testing or blood screenings did not explain the pain. The ongoing suggstion from the doctors of a colonoscopy I did refuse because personally I feel that this is degrading. So I did not seek medical advice any further.

In the course of time I did find a way to deal with the daily pain. Sometimes I could even ignore it. Despite the heavy pain at no time I had the feeling that this was a life-threatening situation for me.

Through the Christ’s Teachings of Bruno Gröning I did get to now then that nothing is impossible for God (Holy Bibel, Luke 1.37). I strongly belived in that and did not allow the up-coming thoughts about illness to unfold themselves which was not always easy during the heavy pain.

In the morning on the 21st March 2010 at the first informational event of the association “Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning” in Bremen (DE) I suddenly realized that I was totally free of pain and that after thirty (!) years. Till today I kept the healing and feel no pain anymore.

I was allowed to experience that noting is impossible for God. Like Bruno Gröning said: “There is no incurable!” How true!

I thank the Lord from my heart for this healing.

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