Hip Joint Discomfort

November 2013

B. S.

In the year of 2001, at the age of 43, for the first time I noticed that my mobility on both sides in the thigh-hip joint area was not so good anymore. Increasingly, I had problems to get off the ground after getting up from the chair or the sofa. A feeling like being a bit rusty somewhat. Year by year the discomfort got worst gradually, the pain increased, the feeling of acampsia got stronger. In my circle of colleagues we already made jokes about who would be the one to get an artificial hip joint first.

In May 2008 a newspaper article draw my attention to an informational event called „Healing on Spiritual Way through the Teachings of Bruno Gröning“. Mainly the statement that it should deal with healings that took place because of God’s help did touch me deeply in my heart and attracted me to this event. The presented healing reports of doctors respectively affected persons of the „Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends“ I sensed as reliable and authentic. Extracts from the movie „The Phenomenon of Bruno Gröning“ of Thomas Busse were shown. Me, too, I felt the prickling of the so-called healing current in hands and feet.

In the beginning of June 2008 I got an introduction in the teachings of Bruno Gröning and became a member of the „Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends“. I visited the community hours regularly in the first year. Till today, I tune myself in to the healing flow for one hour, two till three times a week. Internally, I always prayed and trusted that I would get rid of my discomfort. During the attunement adjustments occurred. I had the feeling that somehow something heavy, sometimes also a small pain, flew off from my thighs down through my feet.

Since April 2009 I did not visit the community hours at the „Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends“ and joined an independent community instead. Since the mid of 2009 till approx. the end of 2010 I felt intensive adjustment pain in the hip area repetitively, mainly at night in bed. I was happy about that because I knew that this is a necessary step in the direction of healing. After the adjustment, on the next day I had the feeling that blockades were freed and as if the hip area got increasingly free. Also the start-up pain and the stiffness disappeared each time. Overall it took approx. two and half a year till I was entirely free of pain. I feel entirely healthy again what stayed till now. I thank God and Bruno Gröning from my heart.