Back Pain

February 2014

T. B.

„I have such a back“ became a common saying in our society. The comedian Hape Kerkeling did coin it. Does sound pretty funny in this case but everyone who has back pain only once know what it means!

Its general rating that approx. one out of three citizens in Germany suffer from back pain on a regular basis. The amount of sick certificates caused by back pain has increased enormously in the last years. According to estimates the treatment of back pain costs round about 25 billion of Euro every year.

It got me, too. Surely there were several reasons for it. We people just don’t move enough. The continuous sitting is a proven main reason for back pain. Furthermore, for some time I had quite heavy things to carry on business occasions what surely wasn’t necessarily supportive, too. Stress could have been also a factor. For many years I was a single father of three boys. At the same time I built up my self-employment. One can surely guess that this demanded a lot of me. My volume of work was inhuman from time to time the more so as I was also intensively engaged in volunteering. But mainly many personal disappointments got to me. Reputed friends suddenly showed their second face. Partly I was cheated, deceived and betrayed in an insidious manner. All this caused muscle tension between my blade bones, exactly where one locates the heart chakra. Sometimes it felt so hard as if I had a stone in this area. The worst it went the giddier I became and my heart hopped irregular occasionally although organically everything was in perfect order. From time to time also the lower back was involved, sometimes also the neck area so that I couldn’t move the head back and forth correctly. And even sometimes it was all at once. Over years!

I started working out more what at least sometimes gave me some relief of the pain. Also I got some relief through acupuncture, massages and the Dorn-method. But the tension between the blade bones came back again and again, sometimes more, sometimes less, although I tuned myself regularly in to the divine energy as Bruno Gröning taught it. Mainly, the personal disappointments caught up with me again and again. I wasn’t angry with anybody and could forgive but still the disappointment stayed.

I begged God to help me. Overall I needed an impulse what I had to change in my life so that my back would relax again. Then one day I understood that I had to tune myself longer in to the divine energy because of my volume of work so that I could build up my strength and relax. Instead of 15 till 20 minutes a day, not less than 30 till 40 minutes. This I put in action and henceforward things were looking up. It prickled like thousands of ants exactly in the areas where the tension was fixed. Simply fascinating! Sometimes I even meditated an hour or longer. In the past I thought that I just couldn’t take so much time but that was a false conclusion! Who absorbs a lot of energy has the necessary calmness, distinctiveness and power of concentration to work more effectively! By now I also started with yoga what is also good for me. Furthermore, I trained a change in my thoughts. I always said to me that, yes, I got disappointed by people but in return other kind people came into my life. Since then I do not have fear of loss anymore! And I memorized that every disappointment has also a good side because finally the deception has an end! Fortunately, I was blessed to get to know so many kind friends in the last years who proofed that they are true friends what permeates me with gratefulness. The increased absorption of divine energy in combination with yoga and the change in the thoughts led to the recovery of my back.

On all accounts I want to emphasize that the teachings of Bruno Gröning helped me a lot in this particular case. But it also helps me in many other areas of my life and I can master my daily duties much better! Through the compliance of his explanations in 1985 I was allowed to feel the divine energy for the first time and this became one of the greatest gifts in my life! To experience the healing current every day is simply amazing! It strengthens the awareness that God indeed is the greatest doctor and always wants to help us!

I thank the Lord that through His guidance I got aware of Bruno Gröning and his teachings!