January 2017

Thomas Evers

In 1988, at the age of 21, I started my studies in Hannover for the winter semester. For the colder season I had gotten a pullover of pure new wool as a present but it stayed only in the closet because since many years till then I suffered of an allergy against new wool. I cannot tell exactly when it started, possibly around the age of 10 till 13 I noticed it for the first time. As soon as new wool was in direct contact with a part of my body it started to get red on the skin from this part and it started to itch increasingly. This typical rash in the shape of pustules appeared.

On a common morning I drove to university because one of these lectures was planned when the Audimax (back then the biggest lecture hall of the university) was entirely packed generally, including all of the steps at the sides etc. I sat in the upper third, roughly in the middle; the lecture had already started when I noticed an itching on the arms. I checked and could already see some pustules there spreading on the arms upward. I had not thought twice and had put on the gifted pullover! Getting up or leaving the lecture was unthinkable. The first thought was: Oh no, how could I, I know that I cannot stand it. Directly afterwards however a second thought came: In summer 1986 I heard of Bruno Gröning for the first time and I had to think about all the people I got to know in the last two years who were healed of the most various diseases, including diverse allergies. The next thought was that, if it is true what the people did tell, the allergy not at all is my allergy, that it does not belong to me at all. In every case a very comforting though uncommon thought. Because I did not know exactly how to do it, I did what I had heard two years ago in an introduction lecture: In my mind I put the allergy on a silver tablet in front of me and slid it – only in my mind! – over to Bruno Gröning. In that moment I felt something like a significant ripple that went from the head passing the back till the feet through the body, however very short, only for this one moment. I could not classify it correctly but noticed that the itching suddenly decreased. I checked my arms and the redness decreased also. I did not fully understand it back then but I could listen to the lecture till the end wearing the pullover without problems.

Some days later I went to town with a fellow student and did look for a pullover amongst other things. In a big shop a shelf with pullovers of wool caught my eyes. I already wanted to pass it because I was used to it that I could not buy them. There the thought of my experience at the lecture appeared. I was torn because the pullover that especially caught my eye did cost almost 100 DM what was pretty high for my student budget. But then came the strong decision that what I had experienced was true and that I want to believe that I am healthy indeed. I did buy the pullover and did never regret it. In the meantime many more made of this material were added. Since the experience during the lecture I never again had problems with new wool. For this for me completely unexpected spontaneous healing I am grateful to my father in heaven till today the more so as I thereby could experience and realize the principle of His doings.