Healing Reports

During his lifetime Bruno Gröning did always express the wish that people who experienced a healing may write it down and accord it to him.

I ask you when (…) the healing makes itself felt in your body to bear testimony to me that this is a fact.September 1949

Then I ask you to inform me in a written manner which disease you had and in which manner you lost the disease. This belongs to the building block of this work to heal further people. Not money, no, but a tiny piece of written paper I only want as an evidence.31st Aug 1950

Furthermore he made a point of getting the confirmation of the doctors, if possible:

Please, do not forget to undertake a precise check-up so that the medical attest can be attached. I also ask you to attach single witness signatures at the same time who knew your illness.17th Oct 1949

The healing report should make it clear which illness one had and for how long, which treatments were made, how and when a healing did occur and if it did last.

Write like you are use to (…). But truthfully, if I may ask of you, without makeup!1st Sept 1950

In this spirit we would like to establish a forum here for “Healing by a Spiritual Way through Bruno Gröning”. These reports should be retained in its individual form of telling so that they won’t loose their original character. Only they will be checked with regards to content by a person of the medical area. For us especially the quality of a success report is important, not that much the quantity.

At this point the “Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning Inc.” asks all that have experienced a healing to take once time to accord written success reports to us. If it is your wish we will gladly publish them anonymously if you want to stay incognito out of any reasons. Please, give us in any case a written permission that we are allowed to include your report on the world wide web under this category.

By this we can reassure all who are also longing for health. Please, think especially in this matter about the many ill people who urgently need help and healing. We say thank you in advance! In addition you help that the topic “healing on a spiritual way” becomes more and more natural and God finally gets recognized as the greatest doctor of all mankind again.

Send your healing report to info@bruno-groening.net . Thanks a lot!

Here you find some examples of healings that were documented during the life time of Bruno Gröning as well as some examples of those still happening today. Because of the very high amount of healing reports here we can share only some as examples. According to the wish of the author of the healing report it will be published with his full name or anonymous.

The publishing of the healing reports shall serve the goal to encourage people that there is no incurable.  But this depends on personal cicumstances, your own inner development and further hidden circumstances that lie only in the hands of God.

Above all we would like to emphasize again that one should always stay under medical treatment and under medical control. Bruno Gröning never advised against doctor’s visit or against the use of medicine! Many tape recordings of his lectures prove this.

Here you can find healing reports from all over the world.

This site is in progress and we are currently working on the translation of German healing reports therefore we can only present a few at the moment. More will follow soon.