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Indeed by now there are some Bruno Gröning groupings. Bruno Gröning did predict these splitting and already during his lifetime it was his wish that all Bruno Göring friends shall united again one day. Thereby his Teachings would become a very different vigour. Unfortunately the phenomenon  of splitting exists in all religions and spiritual movements. Mostly the reason is the extreme different view on the light-bearer and his teaching.

The association “Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning” came to life like already mentioned elsewhere (see: How did the association “Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning“ begin?) because the responsible people of the currently biegest Gröning grouping “The Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends” decided to conceil that Bruno Gröning did talk about Jesus Christ and that it was the core of his Teachings. Allegedly, it should be easier for people of different faith to engage into Grönings Teachings.

We believe that this is utterly wrong! Bruno Gröning often emphasized that one should be open and honest to each other. This conscious concealing of one of the most important convent of Bruno Grönings Teachings is manipulation to our conviction! I myself bitterly had to experience the elimination of texts and parts of the original voice of Bruno Gröning in which he refers to Jesus Christ in my three-parts documentary movie “Das Phänomen Gröning”. Even photos on which Gröning wore a necklace with a crucifix got cut out of my movie!

A further Gröning grouping is the “Verein zur Förderung seelischer, geistiger und natürlicher Lebensgrundlagen” (Translation: “Association for the Advancement of Spiritual, Mental and
Natural Foundations of Life” which Bruno Gröning let found in 1958. It exists still today. Only few know that shortly after the foundation Gröning wanted to end it again. Amongst others a statement under oath from the 10th June 1959 of Elisabeth Tübben (a woman with whom Bruno Gröning was on a first-name basis and who wanted to provided a property for a house) puts it clear:
“Bruno Gröning visited us on the 29th December 1958. His visits at ours always had a private character. On this evening we had a long, extensive conversation. (…) In the cause of this conversation Bruno Gröning started to talk long and detailed about the association. He said e.g.: ‘The whole association as it stands and is led doesn’t appeal to me at all. I am forced to end the association once again. (…) Especially there on the top people sit who only dig in the gossip. (…) These people do not have the spiritual maturity!’ (…) In clear words he also said that people who must have the spiritual maturity had to step on the top when he would found the new association.”

On the 18th January a talk took place between Erich Pelz, the chairman of the German association, and Alex Loy, the chairman of the Austrian association, in the private apartment of Bruno Gröning in Plochingen. The secretary Dorothee Ludewig was present, too. They had met since the 16th January 1959. Amongst other things Bruno Gröning said:
“Dear friend Erich, what I heard from you yesterday, I heard before. And I already spoke against it, made it clear to you that it is impossible and if one demands such of me then I withdraw immediately from the association!”
In this conversation financial matters were the topic which were also not accepted by Erich Pelz and Alex Loy after the conversation. Bruno Gröning said distinctly that he would then withdraw immediately from the association. This did not happen because he died on the 26th January 1959. A contemporary witness told me referring to this that Mrs Ludewig, the secretary of Bruno Gröning, approached her concerning this matter and was very affected that Bruno Gröning wanted to end this association also. In one night he had mentioned to her his whole displeasure about the association and several times emphasized that also this association must be put to an end.

Unfortunately, there are repeating tendencies, not only with Gröning friends but with almost all religions and spiritual movements, to think that one is the true, chosen grouping. I have letters which unfortunately proof that also Gröning movements claim this. The “Cicrle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning” explicitly distance from such conceptions! We do not consider us to be any special, least of all we do consider us to be the only true grouping rather we see our task in being a small cog in the work of God and to do of what we are assured and of what we can stand for. Not more and not less! We also strive for a unity of all Gröning friends but this will only be possible if none grouping thinks that its the “chosen” grouping anymore. Unity can only be if one is on par with each other! We are explicitly happy that friends from the Bruno Gröning Circle of friends as well as members of the “Association for the Advancement of Spiritual, Mental and
Natural Foundations of Life” visit out informational events. We welcome this exchange from human being to human being!

Unfortunately people are asked to decide for one movement by the “Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends”. Who comes to us is not allowed to come to them again and so on. Also this we think is utterly wrong! we are not angry about anybody, no one gets defamed by us but we allow us to rate doings. And for us this procedure does not fit to the principal of freedom! All religions and spiritual movements should be much more tolerant towards the freedom of every single person. Freedom is an expression of love!

Thomas Busse

In the past the enthusiasm about Bruno Gröning and his teachings unfortunately led to literally worshipping him and putting him on a throne. In this context, in particular when it deals with the allegation of personality cult, the sect commissioners are right, indeed! However Bruno Gröning never wanted a cult around his person but since his death in 1959 he cannot answer back anymore. There are many similar examples in the history of mankind of other personalities who also never wanted to be put on a pedestal but it happened nonetheless.

By all means Bruno Gröning did everything to prevent this and amongst other things said unmistakably in his lectures: „This help, this healing happens only in the name of God. It’s not me – I am nothing, the Lord is everything.“ (9th Sept 1949)
„I did not have the intention to raise myself like this, no, I was singled out by ill people.“ (1st Oct 1949)
„I do not want to be glorified by one single of my fellow men. I am not God but only divine like every other of my fellow man!“ (17th Oct 1955)
„And don’t put me on a pedestal, adore God; let us pray to Him, let us ask Him and let us believe that He will give (the good to) us, I only establish a connection.“ (5th Oct 1957)
„(…) and also do not glorify me.“ (1st Nov 1954/newspaper „Mensch und Schicksal“)
„Also I do not want any fame!“ (7th Nov 1958)
„I continue to stay the small Gröning.“ (31st Aug 1950)
„I am only a small, tiny tool of God!“ (23rd Sept 1950)

Unfortunately, all his efforts to prevent a personality cult were often ignored. This is true till today. Some paper their walls with his photos, others flaunt personal items of him; there becomes a curl of his hair the centre of worship and with misty eyes the emitting power is praised; one thanks him constantly instead of God etc. It is simply a shame and naturally damages the reputation of such a man. Many refer to some outwardness that, of course, has nothing to do with working on yourself to which Gröning wanted to motivate the people.

All this does no justice to Bruno Gröning but leaves him open to attack by criticism. As always his friends cause more damage then his enemies like he stated already in his lifetime. Bruno Gröning is only a servant of God, a helper, a guidepost; neither more nor less. Not till his „friends“ finally realize this and also implement it will the allegation of personality cult one day not to be justified anymore and perhaps bit by bit fall silent in public, too. It is in the hands of the ones who appreciate him but should not glorify him!

Thomas Busse

Many people on the spiritual path believe in reincarnation. And as more and more are enthusiastic about Bruno Gröning and his teachings one or another hopes to meet him in another body in his life on earth. Even if I can understand the longing somehow I think about all the speculation and guessing as something very counterproductive. On the basis of my many years of experience there is a secular and a spiritual sensational world! In the end it reveals a certain disbelieve in the spirit because one wants to look at a body again, if possible touch him also etc. Why? Does man not have trust in the spiritual world?

Bruno Gröning often emphasized that for people to experience help and healing it is unimportant that he is physically present. He underlined:
„I have repeatedly told you:`I am here and everywhere at the same time´ I do not say by this that I am the Lord – no. I am only a small, tiny tool of God! But I want to be at man’s side with action and advice and show him the good way. And so you, too, just have to call for me and I am there immediately – please, do not get the idea that I am there in person – no – in spirit.“ (23th Sept 1950)
„So that you understand me even better: It never occurred that you bring the radio to the sender to receive the radio waves but you stay at home with your device. Just as well you yourself can receive at home, I am talking to you now and you can receive at home in the same way as here.“ (7th Sept 1950)

Clearly he let us understand that man can get everything through the spiritual way at the place where he currently is. But no, it’s not enough. Also the many lectures of Bruno Gröning that include so much truth are not enough. It always has to be something new instead of at last starting to seriously work at your self. Yet it is a real life task to put Bruno Gröning’s teachings into practice.

Currently some are claiming Braco ( as the reincarnated spirit of Bruno Gröning and accordingly people are seeing him. I prefer not to express something about that because everyone shall do what he wants to do and assure him self. Not that I wish to say anything negative about this man but the motivation gets me wondering. One in all cases I was allowed to get to know: there are no limits in meditation (when aligning with the divine sender) and in so doing man can find out and get everything. It is so simple, so fast, so intensive! Really it isn’t the body but only the spirit!

Thomas Busse

Often in the esotericism scene they claim that man should not rate anything anymore. However this is not according to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. He said quite the contrary:
„Do not mistake or forget, friends, that man lives between good and evil. In-between he lives: there, the good, there, the evil, in-between is man, he decides.“ (5th Oct 1958)
„Think about every word and every sentence that you speak out and every thought that you take in if it is worthy to be taken in! And think about everything very precisely if you did act correctly! Call yourself to order daily, which means to God! Admonish yourself!“ (7th Nov 1958)

This advice of Bruno Gröning is only to put into practice if you are willing to rate thoughts, words and action if they are good or bad in your opinion.
„See, here comes this thought and you do not even know from where. If it is evil (…) then this thought originates from an evil source of thoughts. If it is a good one then it comes from the good, from the divine source of thoughts. That you must be able to differentiate already today.“ (7th Nov 1958)
Therefore only who is willing to rate thoughts, words and action can get a clear faculty of discrimination which Bruno Gröning considered to be of high importance.

Thomas Busse

The Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends is surely the biggest grouping at the moment engaging in the ideas of Bruno Gröning and intensively caring for people to get to know about him and his Teachings. Unfortunately, how it was already multiple times reported to me, they claim that one looses his healing by leaving the circle of friends.

This is proofably not the truth! Many who since years now do not belong anymore to the Bruno Gröning circle of friends are still healthy. Others did not get healed till they were in an independent community. Bit by bit these wonderful experiences should be published on this homepage.

We do not believe that any institution or grouping has a claim to power for healing but that God always looks into your heart. To frighten people is an instrument of pressure from the dark side of which one should really not make any use at all. Who wishes to bind his „sheep“ with such methods will surely loose them in the long run. On the spiritual way of love there is no competition! The „Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning“ respects and tolerates explicitly every movement that cares for people to help them finding their healing and happiness and from our hearts we wish that they shall be blessed with God’s grace in doing so!

Thomas Busse

There are so called „mediums“ that, with surprising certainty, claim that they receive messages from the other world from dead people (spiritual beings), most often from the highest heights. This process one calls channelling in the terms of esotericism.

I personally ask myself repeatedly how the mediums on the basis of their knowing alone can exactly attribute the sender? If someone would call me from somewhere in a country on earth and claims to be someone particular how do I know if it is true? Thinking of next to several billions of people? And in the spiritual kingdom there are even more beings than on earth. But allegedly the mediums are indeed able to attribute the spirit with a 100 percent of certainty. And their messages should always be absolutely authentic! Fatally it is that already one wrong message that is handed on can have very negative effect. The consequences are often not measurable in advance. I already got to know a few „medium injured persons”. That was very thought-provoking to me. But still if one makes positive experiences there is always the danger of dependency and bondage. How should one find its own voice of heart if one does not train it and is a slave to people (mediums)?

Because Bruno Gröning died in 1959 since that time he often gets channelled, too. Lately concerning this matter some had some mediumistic messages for me which interestingly not rarely are contradictory and often also in contrast to the statements during his life on earth. Though every medium claims for itself to be an absolutely pure „channel“. Fortunately, Bruno Gröning also left an unmistakable guideline here in saying: „Do not call the spirits!“ He explicitly advised against it and talked amongst other things about „teasing spirits“ who may mess around with people.

For this reason the „Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning“ explicitly dissociates itself from channelled messages of Bruno Gröning and generally raise concerns over the dangers which are connected to mediumistic messages. Following are else of Bruno Gröning’s quotes referring to this topic:
„It is very difficult for the people nowadays to differentiate right from wrong. They all have some education, however most of them have an imagination. Asking the pendulum as well as, for example, the mediumistic writing is so dangerous because nobody can control of which side these inspirations came from. In most cases it is the evil that wants to allure the curious and shilly-shally people onto the wrong track.“ (Alfred Hosp, „Kräfte des Geistes“, Eigen Verlag, page 36)

„A person who does not have true clairvoyance is always in danger to become cullied by low, unaware spiritual beings however often an announcement from the highest sphere is simulated. But do not get tricked even if it sounds like spoken with the tongues of angels. Therefore I want to point it out again and ask you to refrain from everything that makes you dependent on the evil in any kind.“ (Alfred Hosp, „Kräfte des Geistes“, Eigen Verlag, page 132)

“How good it is, and I talk about it everywhere, that the people become not addicted in a craziness and that they should not imagine something that is not true in reality!“ (7th Nov 1958)

„Many people have an education but most of them have an imagination. They suppose to see or hear something. But most of it originates off their wishes, own imagination or their craving for recognition. In the spiritual areas there are a lot of delusions, even more because most of the people do not know who really hides behind a so called „high spiritual being“ for which it poses mediumisticaly. But mostly it is about very low, yes, evil spirits who use the bodies of weak-minded and credulous people to create confusion. But the danger in such action lies additionally in the fact that first seemingly harmless craziness can cause heavy occupation which can lead to dependency, to madness and finally till suicide of these people because then they are no longer the master of their own thoughts and feelings. I warn you, dear friends, the evil lurks always and everywhere to lead the curious ones and those who always want to know more astray from the good, the divine way. You become allured and mislead by phantasmagorical announcements and promises as the true and natural is kept back from you. How it really is on the other side nobody knows who is incorporated here anyway.“
(Alfred Hosp, „Kräfte des Geistes“, Eigen Verlag, page 72 till 73)

Thomas Busse

To adjudge a person is easy to judge is much harder. I personally engage myself in this man since 1985, have visited over 100 contemporary witnesses and partly interviewed them for my three-parts documentary „The Phenomenon of Bruno Gröning“. In addition, I studied countless documents about and of Bruno Gröning in several archives, did listen to a lot of recorded documents of him and through a high amount of photos I even got a very private inside. Therefore I think I can allow myself a judgement. In this context I want to refer to a part in the Bible in the Gospel according to Matthew (7,15 – 7,20):
„Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. The tree is known by its fruits.“
This statement is a guideline for me when it comes to rate Gröning and his teachings.

What I could and still can see as fruits on me and others that I can tell, being a very critical person, are truly good fruits: Atheists find back their believe in God, people get back a heart-felt relation to Christ and His teachings, the believe that God is the greatest doctor is strengthened, spiritual healings are happening, depressive people become happy and positive again and much more.

That there are also people who create a personality cult around Gröning, and therefore show themselves as fanatic and dogmatic is not his fault but solely theirs! He cannot be blamed for it. Unfortunately, often his so-called friends are the ones who damaged his reputation. Similar cases repeat themselves in the history of mankind. When I just start thinking about what is already done in the name of Christ the subject explains it.

The critics who named Bruno Gröning a charlatan already in the past did know little about him and most of them did not even know him personally. Also those who demonize him still today are often ill informed. I notice this when they talk about his life or quote him. Hair-rising! One copies from the other without any effort to enter deeper into the topic. With total inner conviction I can only say that I do not think that Gröning is a charlatan but a great helper and servant of God.

Thomas Busse

Years ago the Bruno Gröning-Freundeskreis (translation: Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends) in which I was engaged many years decided to eliminate all passages from Bruno Gröning’s lectures in which he talked about Christ. The statement was that by doing this it would be easier for Moslems to accept his teachings. Friends of mine and I were shocked. In our belief this was equal to a manipulation. Someone said uncomprehending to me: „Where will be the end? Did one maybe in the future also eliminate Bruno Grönings statements about God for making the approach to his teachings easier for atheists?“

Basically, Bruno Gröning did profess to Christ and His teachings but without degrading any other religion. His profession did not mean that he was dogmatic or intolerant in any way. Never did he claim that only the Christian way leads to God.
„Indeed, I was born into and raised up in a catholic family but I did never find an inner connection towards the rites of the church. For me the divine was first and will always be. I do not look at a person by his way and his form to which he comes to God. The main point for me is that he comes to God at all. I even do not ask to which race or nation one belongs because all people are children of God (…), this is what my intuition always tells me.“ (21st Oct 1949/Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Without misunderstanding he stated:
„I ask no person about his religion and nation. They are all humans, all children of God.“ 31st Aug 1949) „What I have to bring here is surely for every single person, no matter which nation or confession he belongs to, no matter if he is poor or rich, to me every human is equal, also the skin colour doesn’t matter at all and even less the mother tongue.“ (handwritten)

In the end Bruno Gröning was focused on the turning back of the people towards God:
„Often I have given you the knowing what my actual aim is: I want to lead every human back to the belief because every human is a creature of nature, every human is a child of God. We people only have one father and this is our Lord. And because many people went off belief and I want to lead them back to belief.“ (1st Oct 1949)

That Bruno Gröning did profess himself to Christ as the Son of God and to His teachings is not to be concealed because it is the core aspect of his teachings.
He spoke with insistent words,  especially to us Christians:
„A really, true Christian can only be the one who follows Christ as Christ did expect it from us, as His teachings tell us about. And therefore Christ was thirty-three years on this earth, that is to say in the body which God had gave him for this life on earth so that He can communicate all what God has to say for us, for all mankind! Because differently the people could not listen to God anymore (…) He (the human) is in need for the bond to God. (…) And more did Christ not intend, more did God not intend, this is the real, true divine teaching, that is the teaching of Christ how He gave it to us, to mankind to take along: Being connected to God, that, my dear friends, is everything!“ (4th Dec 1958)

Concerned he added:
„Christ did gave us so much good to take along. Why did the people not take the good to their hearts, why didn’t they absorb it?“ (4th Dec 1958)
„Was Christ not the greatest role model for mankind?“ (4th Dec 1958)
„It’s just that it is the teachings of Christ that you have to take to your heart.“ (4th Dec 1958)

These quotations came from the last official lecture of Bruno Gröning at the 4th December 1958, which he recorded especially for the former communities. Shortly, two months later he died. This voice documentation is like a legacy to his friends and, in a special way, an insistent call to all to finally follow Christ and His teachings.

If he who could verifiably look into the future had not wanted the Moslems to know about his profession to Christ, he would have spoken differently, for sure. Again and again, he referred to Him in his lectures. In the end this is the truth! And this truth one should not deform. If I were a Moslem I would not accept to get tricked by any as such seemingly logic explanation. I am convinced that every person prefers to know the truth instead of censured texts. Furthermore, the Islam does also accept Christ as one great prophet. If people see Christ, Mohammed, Buddha or someone else as their ideal we have to accept it limitless and to meet this approach with absolute tolerance. Intolerance is a problem of many religious people but it would be wrong to act in accordance or to bring oneself into line.

On the basis of these circumstances the „Informationskreis: Leben und Lehre Bruno Grönings“ (translation: Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning“) was formed. It is our ambition to give on the teachings of Bruno Gröning completely and uncensored without stating our activities in any way as „the one way to become blessed“. That our association is seen as a competitor in some circles is not understandable to us. We respect every grouping, which engages in Bruno Gröning and his teachings. We just want to contribute so that interested people can engage in Bruno Gröning and his teachings to figure out their own picture. We disapprove of any kind of personality cult, being a slave to someone, dogmatism and fanaticism. None of the independent communities to be found on this webpage were set up by us. We just support them if they wish for. They act in total freedom!

Thomas Busse