Bruno Gröning

Circle of Information

The „Circle of Information: Life and Teaching of Bruno Gröning Inc.“ is a group of people which is persuaded of the fact that the teaching of Bruno Gröning can help many people to become healthy and happy. We don’t want to build up a new institution, but get on as a point of orientation for all those which want to engage themselves with Bruno Gröning and his teaching. Everybody responsible is working on a voluntary basis and free of charge.

Our goals are:

  1. To inform essentially and truthfully about Bruno Gröning and his teaching
  2. To transmit the teaching of Bruno Gröning to everybody interested extensively and as faithfully as possible
  3. To give all those ones which wouldn`t like to join any grouping (associations, circles of friends etc.) the possibility to engage themselves with Bruno Gröning and his teaching
  4. To clear up misunderstandings which have originated on behalf to his personality and his teaching in the past
  5. Not to promote a personal cult around Bruno Gröning but to counteract against every form of fanaticism
  6. Not to bind people to us, but to motivate to an independent, free spirituality
  7. To sensitize in general for the subject „spiritual healing“
  8. Not to prevent somebody from doctor's visit or taking off medical remedies
  9. To maintain contacts with all Bruno Gröning Groups and Associations, in mutual esteem and appreciation of one to each other
  10. To be tolerant against all religious and spiritual institutions and movements as compared with other cultures and not to lodge a claim to expose our path as the only real deal
  11. To interact positively to the global understanding and to support the global   peace
  12. To contribute to the fact that people find the way back again to the faith in God and to follow again His laws seriously
  13. To support social weak, poor and suppressed people
  14. To support the protection of nature and the animal kingdom

We thank everybody who helped us in this project and want to support furthermore. Particularly we would like to thank all those ones which supplied us with material from or about Bruno Gröning. We appreciate other material to publish it, perhaps, on this homepage.

Circle of Information: Life and Teaching of Bruno Gröning Inc.