Bruno Gröning

Short Introduction

His Life
Hardly anybody caused a sensation in the fifties like Bruno Gröning did. Thousand of sick people, war invalids and even incurably diagnosed people experienced wonderful healings through him.

The Media described him as a “Miracle Healer”. Some saw him as a Messiah, others labelled him as a quack or charlatan. Gröning became a phenomenon overnight. A huge clamour started around him. In a short period of time mass gatherings took place at different locations, up to 30.000 people could be counted on some days. That was something that he never intended to happen nor wished for , but the sensational reports of the Media reached a frenzy. Even the weekly newsreel at the cinema made him a news item, a full-length documentary film was thus created to show this extraordinary man to the general public.

Prime Minister Dr. Erhard stated publicly that an exceptionally appearance how Gröning is, should not be condemned by any law.

The Home Office (Department of Internal Affairs) of Bavaria declared Grönings activity as a deed of love.  Especially the medical profession disapproved strongly  of this simple, unlearned man and were the biggest sceptics of his activity. Based on their continious pressure he was dogged with “healing-prohibitions” and persecuted. A dramatic struggle between orthodox medicine and spiritual healing flared up. On 26th January 1959 Bruno Gröning died in Paris, France. His friends and followers were deeply saddened about his sudden and unexpected death; but his enemies sighed with relief. Now the phenomenon Gröning seemed totally finished. But that was their fatal error.

Down to the present day associations, circles of friends and other groups concern themselves with this unusual man. At the same time there are countless people since 1959 who swear under oath that they have become healthy and happy by following his teaching and simultaneously absorbing the divine healing power. Even the worst of his enemies on earth, the General Practitioners of medicine here and there, now open up to his ideology. The discussions about his person and his teaching simply do not cease. Even today he is called by some members of the public, a quack and charlatan.

To condemn people is very easy, to evaluate them truthfully, is however much harder. Since 1985 I have been personally engaged with the work of this man, have visited more than 100 contemporary witnesses and have interviewed a part of them for my 3-part documentary film "The Phenomenon Gröning". Moreover, I have studied countless documents in different archives about Bruno Gröning and his work, listened to several voice documents and gained also very private insights by a big number of pictures. From all this I believe myself able to be allowed to taking the liberty of passing on a truthful evaluation about him.

In this connection I would like to point to a passage in the Bible in Matthew Evangelism (7, 15 following):„ Protect yourself from false prophets; they come to you like sheep, when in reality, however, they are tearing wolves. You will recognise them by their fruits. Does one harvest possibly from thorns grapes or from thistles figs? Every good tree produces good fruits; a bad tree, however, bad ones. A good tree can produce no bad fruits and a bad tree no good ones. Every tree which produces no good fruits is felled and thrown in the fire. You will recognise them by their fruits.“

This statement is of approximated value for me, when it is relates to the judgement of Bruno Gröning and his teaching. What I have experienced in fruits for myself and on other people or what I still experience, I can indicate only as really good fruits, and I state this as an extremely critical person: Atheists find their way back to the faith in God; people retain a tender relationship to Christ and His Teaching; faith becomes strengthened, that God is the biggest doctor; spiritual healings happen; depressive people become happy and life-affirming again and lots more.

It is not Gröning’s fault, that there are also people who pursue a personal cult with him and who are fanatical or dogmatic, but rather exclusively their own; and they should not pin the blame on him. Unfortunately, these are often his so-called friends who have compromised his reputation very much by their failure. Similar cases recur constantly in the history of humanity. If I think only about what has been already done in the name of Christ, the solution presents itself. The "critics" who labelled Bruno Gröning at that time as a charlatan, knew very little about him and in most cases they didn’t even knew him personally. Also those who still demonise him nowadays are often poor informed. I notice this always then when someone reports about his life or cites him. Terrifying! They then copy from each other without going to the bother of penetrating deeper into the topic. I can say only from my deepest confidence that I don’t take Gröning for a charlatan, but I see him as a significant assistant and servant of God.

Grönings self-image
Bruno Gröning didn’t want to help people only, to become healthy again, but he formulated his unerring life’s aim as follows: „I want to guide every human being back to his lat faith , because every human being is a being of nature, every person is a child of God. We people have only one father, and this is our Lord God! And because many people have left their faith, I want to guide them back again to faith.“ (10/1/1949)

„I stand before a person only like a signpost which shows (...) the way again which the person has left since millenniums bit by bit. (...) whether they decide to walk this path, is not my affair, but everybody’s own.“ (9/29/1950) Bruno Gröning pointed out over and over again that he felt simply obliged to serve the truth and he had the courage to transmit it bluntly, with the words of nowadays. „Now I have the will here to guide every person on the good path, but I must tell him the truth.“ however (10/6/1958) He also says: „I do not know a lot, I know only that, which people do not know today any more.“ (Date unknown)

His instruction, with concurrent admission of the divine healing power which Bruno Gröning might transmit like a transformer, led many people really to health. Obviously these forces ran through him in special measure, so that he could pass them on like a transformer, according to demand. However, he stressed over and over again: „Not I heal, but it leads people only to their welfare.“ And he refused every thanks towards his person. „To whoever help has been given, he should thank our Lord God for it, but not Little Gröning. I am nothing, our Lord God is everything!“ (8/31/1949) „I say (...) over and over again (...): Never thank me, let us owe God for it. I owe God always for the fact that I may do this, that I may (...) serve Him. How grateful you are towards God, that’s up to you.“ Believe only (10/3/1958) „ that I am nothing further than your assistant! Please believe, my dear friends that I am nothing further than a servant of God which you can be also, if you only wish it, if you only do it! And think, my dear friends that I am (...), simply nothing than a tool, a tool of God. “(12/4/1958)

„I am and remain a child, I am only a child of God, not more!“ (10/5/1958)

Bruno Gröning strictly rejected every kind of personal cult. „I never had the intention to raise above myself, no, I was lifted up only by ill people.“ (10/1/1949) Although he pointed always to the fact that one should see him only as an assistant, there were people who were fanatical towards him and idolised him formally. Therefore, he clarified: „I do not want to be glorified by one single of my followers. I am not a God, but only divine, like each of you people!“ (10/17/1955)

His promise: „If God wants, I will help!“ (Date unknown), has come true long ago. Countless healing reports of today's present time prove that he continues to follow his task of helping on the spiritual path out of the dimension of beyond. Above all his teaching is a landmark on the way to health and internal satisfaction if someone takes it really to heart. Thus his words are to be understood: „Once I am not any more on this earth, everybody can find help and healing out from himself.“ (Date unknown)

His teaching
Bruno Gröning didn’t record his teaching in writing, but he gave mainly free spoken lectures, which have partly been taken up on tape recorders or have been written down in shorthand. Moreover, there exist conversations with him which were also preserved in this manner to future generations as well as some handwritten notes. Whoever is involved in his teaching closer, will find a big variety of subjects which go far out from the aspect of healing.

He did not scoop his knowledge as it is usual nowadays, by the mind. His way for recognising the truth led him first and foremost into nature. Already as a child he felt attracted to the forests. „Here I experienced God: in every shrub, in every tree, in every animal, even in the stones. Everywhere I could stand for hours and reflect- there was, actually, no concept of time -, and always it was to me, as if my whole internal life widened to infinity.“ (From one of his curricula vitae) „I am no studied person, I am neither literate nor have I accepted human advices. I have gone my own ways (...) and I will go like this further. I accept no human instructions.“ (9/24/1949)

Bruno Gröning assisted only elementary school up to fifth class. This was later interpreted very negatively by a part of the scholars of this days and age. They designated his simple and easily understandable words as primitive and they stamped him as an uneducated, even silly person. In China they have this interesting worldly wisdom: „A noble person who has found the right way must not carry the national costume of the scholars at all neither; nor anyone knows about those which carry the national costume of the scholars, whether they have really found the right way. "(Dschang Dse,)" Words, which move mountains - Wisdom of the Chinese“, I, 198)

The teaching of Bruno Gröning really has no intellectual demand or even scientific aspirations, but he scooped from a spring which was always the most important to him: God and His creation! He also emphasized that e weren’t telling something new, but he still felt obliged to point out many things to people with today’s words, and wake them up in a certain manner. „I feel obliged to clear up the person.“ (9/22/1950) „I teach people everything which leads everybody to God by the teaching of Christ; and this we have to put into action.“ (date unknown) „This is about the truth, and about presenting the truth to people; to let people know what is truth and how God has determined life (...) for the person.“ (1/18/1959) „Its very necessary to tell you only the truth over and over again, and tell you only that which you can find out is truth in yourselves. But now you have to go and convince yourselves of it.“ (12/4/1958) „I don’t push anybody, I let everybody free in everything and just advise them again to persuade themselves of all.“ (12/26/1958) „Please, please don’t be gullible! (...) you don’t need to believe what I say. (...) but is a duty which you have: to convince yourselves about it!“ (10/5/1958)

Frankly, always simply, sometimes even pretty loudly, Bruno Gröning spoke to people. „Did you believe, I am here only to pet you everybody individually, (...) to caress you, to embrace you? I believe, (...), it is better, that I tell openly the truth about people having wastde their life here. (10/5/1958) „I have repeated so often (...), and again I can only emphasize: it is necessary, friends! (...) I say it to you year in, year out, as long as I may be here, until everybody has grasped it, until the person obeys this what he has to obey and until he follows Him whom we must all follow sooner or later,“ (10/3/1958) „When will the need and the misery stop once and for all? When will the illness army be reduced? (...)surely never, dear friends, as long as human beings continue to go like this. (...) They must turn around, they must really become this…and also do everything what God has determined them for, not differently, they must become God-connected. They must come to the divine guidance, without which there is no life.“ (10/5/1958)

God, the father of all people
Bruno Gröning expressed big love and reverence for God and his creation. He said: „God is our Father, creator of our earth!“ (8/31/1950); „God is life. Love is God.“ (by hand) And he made clear: „We are all dependent on God. Without God there is no life, because God is Life himself!“ (10/5/1958); „God is everything for us, and what are we without Him? I say truthfully: nothing!“ (12/4/1958)

In all his talks he spoke over again of how important it to achieve self-knowledge. All people regardless of religion or nation, he called children of God. And he explained that everybody has to recognise urgently the laws of creation and act according to them. „Our real host is God on this earth (...) and we have to follow our host.“ (10/3/1958) „Every living being belongs to God and God has one, i.e. His law. Who does not know this, and does not take it to heart, who does not obey, that one never achieves success.“  (date unknown) He admonished humanity to a big reversal with warning words. He was convinced that because of non-observance of the wise laws of God, so much misery, need and grief on earth has originated.

„God never deprives any of his creatures of his own will.“ (10/5/1958), he further explained. However, he also said: „God's will is determined. God wants that a human being is helped, and that he recognizes himself of being degraded by evil. God helps, God leads and God also forgives.“ he finished (10/5/1958) many of his talks with the words: „Love Llife - God! God is everywhere.“ (12/4/1958)

Christ, the saviour
Bruno Gröning confessed quite clearly and very often to Christ. In many of his talks he spoke over and over again with the biggest respect of Him and his Teaching. He himself carried constantly a crucifix around his neck. He said: „Wasn’t Christ the biggest example (...) of humanity? Hasn’t He done what He had to do, everything which God asked of Him? He went to those places where God led him, not people. And He spoke everything that God spoke to Him. (...) It’s simply the Teaching of Christ which they should take to heart." (...) „Christ has given us so much Good for our life. Why haven’t people taken to heart the Good, why haven’t they taken it up in themselves?“  (04.12.1958)

A central point of Bruno Gröning`s teaching is the call to all people to follow Christ, finally, seriously. „Only he can be a really true Christian who follows Christ in such a way as Christ expects from us, His Teaching says to us all that, my dear friends. And, hence, Christ was 33 years on this earth (...), so that He could provide all this for us, what God had to impart - to the whole of humanity, otherwise people wouldn’t listen any more to God. (...) he (the person) needs to be connected with God. (...) and Christ did not want anything else, God did not want anything different either; this is the really true divine Teaching, this is the real true Science of Christ, like He teaches it to us, as He has given it to humanity the right path: To be in connection with God, my dear friends, that is the main thing!“ (04.12.1058)

Christmas was for Bruno Gröning the holiest celebration in the year. He asked: „What does this festival mean to you, (...)? What does the birth of Christ mean to you? (...) why did God give Christ here a life on earth? (...) what did God want with that and what Christ had to do here? (...) does one not sing in the song ´Silent night, holy night` that Christ is the Savior? (...) `Christ, the rescuer is here!` Yes, my dear friends, you sing it, but you don’t feel it, you don’t believe in it, you have not taken this to your heart ! They have never obeyed of all which Christ has handed over to us by his Teaching here for our further life on earth.“ (04.12.1958) And in confidence he said: „Christ is always among people, He is not dead, there is no death, there is only Salvation!“ (05.10.1958)

Nevertheless, the confession of Bruno Gröning to Christ and His Teaching does not mean that he would have been dogmatic or intolerant in any form. He has never stated that only the Christian path leads to God. On the contrary, he clarified: „It makes absolutely no difference how the person finds God, the main thing is, that he finds God!“ (Date unknown)

There is nothing “incurable”
„The biggest doctor of all people is and remains our Lord God!"(24.09.1949)"Who has given you life? Only the Lord God alone! And He wants to give you health!“ (September, 1949) Bruno Gröning answered emphatically on the fact that there would be no incurable illness. „There is a lot that cannot be explained, but nothing which cannot happen. “ (04.09.1950) was one of his many life profundities. He looked at health as the divine order in the person, the illness as the mess. This mess would always come about then when the person was not directed according to the laws of God which would mostly happen unconsciously. In this manner The Bad (the illness) would penetrate into the person. „Jesus Christ knew that every illness comes from sin. Therefore, he admonished the sick person after the healing: ´Don’t trespass from henceforth, that no annoyance happens to you anymore. ` (by hand)

According to Bruno Gröning, unfortunately, many would have lost faith, that God can cure them in a spiritual way. „How many people know how to dismiss it, nevertheless, while they state and maintain even today, they are religious persons, (...) and they have always believed, and they have prayed to God, and He has not listened to them, and they have not become free of evil? (...) I know, (...) that they have gone to ruin, to a power, this is the power of habit, and that they only console themselves with the word 'faith', but cannot believe in reality, because they have not taken to heart the word 'faith' yet, they haven’t gone over at all to action!“ (04.12.1958) Bruno Gröning exposed this faith in God's help as a fundamental condition to be able to experience a healing on a spiritual path. „If you only believe that you will experience the benefit, then you will be helped. Just believe!“ (05.10.1958) „Who believes in his health, believes in God.“ (by hand)

That's why he also said: „It is wrong if you ask: ´What can he cure?` no, you must ask the question: ´Whom can he cure?` You can just block it. (...) but then it is not my fault!“ (05.09.1950) „Should I lie to you, should I say that it depends here on one, on me? No, friends, it depends on yourselves how you take up the Good.“ (05.10.1958)

Moreover, he clarified: „I ask no help-seeker to which religion or which nation he belongs. Human being is human being, we are all just children of God, and there is no difference...“ (05.09.1950) for Bruno Gröning the origin, the state, the title, the skin colour, was absolutely insignificant etc. to help somebody in the name of God. But he formulated a condition over and over again very clearly: „The help and healing is of benefit only for these people who have firm faith in our Lord God. Who has lost faith, however, and is ready now to take it up again into himself, help should also be given to him.“ (27.08.1949) „It depends here on the person how he has freed himself to receive the healing, i.e. he must be pure. He must know that he is no blasphemer. He must know that he commits himself and feels linked to live with our Lord God. Then he is pure.“ (27.08.1949) „You have to trust and strengthen your faith! “ (11.09.1949) „It shouldn’t be in such a way as people have imagined: They go once a week to Church on Sundays and there they pray, and that’s all for the week, (...). This is wrong! If I say: ´I believe in the Lord God`, I must also act accordingly, there must be a pattern that shows that I am a good person.“ (17.10.1949) „Go to church, pray there piously, (but) not like today how individuals only go there to see what clothes these one or that one wears, and talk about him, and a lot of other dirty stuff, (...). One shouldn’t do this if one goes to church! There one should pray devoutly and pious and thank the Lord God for all the Good He has done to the person.“ Nevertheless (17.10.1949) „Don’t think that you are alone, but believe, that you are a divine creature; think, nevertheless, that you are a child of God! Think that God gives you everything, which He has determined for every living being. “(05.10.1958)

However, Bruno Gröning also pointed out the fact that nobody should demand anything of God. „The majority of you have expected to become healthy immediately. This is a demand. (...) you only have to ask and to obtain! “ (22.09.1950) „Mostly it happens fast, but nobody should demand this, the right to demand is entitled to no one. Don’t hurry, don’t push (...) but beg the Lord God. “ (10.09.1949)

Also nobody could buy the gift of health from Bruno Gröning. He rejected such plans strictly and expelled these people completely very brusquely from himself. „You cannot buy the Good, the Divine with money, with gold, nor diamonds, (...) money is power, health is omnipotence! “ (03.10.1958) the health was the most precious property for him and he called a healing even a sanctification. That's why he often said: „To be rich means to be healthy!”

Above all it is important to point out that one should always remain under medical control. Bruno Gröning has never advised against the doctor's visit or against the use of drugs! Many tape recordings of his talks book this.

He said, for example: „I never forbid the advice of the doctor. On the contrary.“ (In 1957 / newspaper "Neues Blatt", result 5) Or at other place: „They have always received instructions of me to go to their doctor.“ (10/5/1958) And he even emphasized: „People have not understood me yet when I say: Have faith in your practitioner!

When you have real trust, the doctor will also be guided

However, if he perceives mistrust-(...) he will feel this, and he will become uninterested and will do only everything to get rid off you. But if you have trust, he takes up the trust, and he gets quite another feeling.“ (10/5/1957)

The importance of the strength absorption
For Bruno Gröning the regular absorption of the divine strength was one of the most important conditions to be able to experience a healing on a spiritual path. He called the strength of God also the ‘Healing Current’ and explained: „Each of these diminished bodies show a big lack of energy. (...) the greater the loss of energy, the longer or more often it requires a reloading, until the body shows so much energy that it is fit again. (By hand) „A person who is nervous, I say, this person is weak, this person is been deprived of strength, of its own physical strength.“ (05.10.1958) „The energy waste is very big, (...) and, hence, he (the person) must care for his body by making sure that he takes up new energy daily . (...) think daily of your body. Take up daily new, i.e. good strength. (...) And then you will say afterwards, when you have taken up enough strength: Now I feel fine, now I feel free. Yes, to remove the Bad (illness), friends, one needs a lot of good strength, (...). And this will be possible only then, when he (the person) knows exactly how to “tune in” to the divine broadcasting. So, everybody is able to receive the broadcasting of God, everybody can take it up in himself.“ (Date unknown)

The people who took up this strength in themselves following the instruction of Bruno Gröning often reported that they felt a prickle or tingling and a strong warm feeling in their bodies. Many described this feeling also as a gentle, pleasant current (or stream) which flowed through the body, often linked with a pleasant feeling of rest and ease. Also even today these phenomena are described by people who open up to the strength of God, motivated through the teaching of Bruno Gröning. The divine strength finds completely by itself the places it must work upon.

Bruno Gröning taught that the person should not cross arms and legs, when absorbing the divine energy, because this hinders the penetration of the healing stream. The hands should be laid like open flower cups on the thighs. Moreover, optimally not to lend over, sit with the back straight in a chair or armchair. „And now I ask you to take apart the hands which you hold together. (09./10.09.1949) „Keep the back free, today the backrest has gone.“ (04.09.1950) „those who have still a free-moving body, cramp it so often with pleasure. This is (...) the power, the power of habit: Legs crossed, hitting each other. Certainly you can slouch (the body) sometimes, (...), but not when you want to receive the good, the Divine.“ (05.10.1958)

In the autogenously training one also speaks of the so-called "cab coachman's posture". He explained that one could compare arms and legs with electrical conductors. In the technical comparison a touch of two non isolated conductors leads to a short cut. This is similar in the body. The crossing of arms or legs leads there to an energy blockage, so that the subtle energy couldn’t flow through properly. Even if a person is bedridden, he can follow this advice. Thus the healing power of God is also alive in a lying position.

Besides, Bruno Gröning explained that a narrow connection exists between the absorption of divine strength and divine protection. „If he (the person) takes up the strength of God in himself, he remains in the divine guidance, and then he is protected. However, if he comes out of this guidance, he isn’t anymore, then he is without guidance.“ (05.10.1958)

On account of these explanations it becomes clear how elementary important it is to take time for it daily to go in silence and to take up the divine energy in the body. A saying already says: „In the rest rules the strength!“ „He (the person) have to do this first then: shake off the restlessness, do not take up the agitation at all, but do only this: take up the calmness, move yourself to rest, (...), and then you will receive not only a good benevolent feeling, but you will receive the good thoughts, the thoughts from the good, from the divine spring of thoughts!.“ (26.12.1958)

Positive thinking
It’s not only the physical position which is important for the absorption of the divine healing power, but also the internal mindset. „When can you take it up? Not before, you have detached from the Bad and you really have nothing in common with the Bad anymore. The absorption doesn’t start any earlier; before it is not possible. So, now open up your heart, and really pour out everything. Away with all worries and miseries!“

An elementary component of the teaching of Bruno Gröning is the knowledge about the power of thoughts. The help-seekers or healing-seekers should free themselves deliberately of all negative thoughts, above all from their illness and thoughts, of all fears, worries and miseries. „Trust and believe, it helps, it cures the divine strength“, emphasized Bruno Gröning over and over again. He underlined the internal, positive attitude as a basic condition, so that God can work.

„Don’t think of your illness, don’t think of the past.“ (19.09.1950) Bruno Gröning sometimes said that many people do sit firmly on their illness and don’t let it go. „If he (the person) dwells on his suffering, it`s impossible that he receives normally.“ (07.09.1950) „Over and over again the person dwells with that, which he has felt as evil in his body. He looks at it and maintains it. He does everything possible. He has no idea of doing something else, because the power of this habit has gone over in his flesh and blood, (...). He really dwells his sickness, and with it he breaks down and degrades his body.“

(05.10.1958) „I say whoever dwells his illness, that one who holds it tight, and who wants to get rid of it, however, you all want this probably, that one shouldn`t think about it anymore, but observes his body, (...) . (23.09.1950) „The Good enters only when the bad is removed.“ (31.08.1950) well, the conscious separation of the illness-thought is a basic condition for every spiritual healing. This is why the person shouldn’t say: „This is my illness“, because with these thoughts he would hold on to everything. Also he should not say: „I have this illness“, but: „I had this illness“ to separate internally from it already. Bruno Gröning basically warned any help-seeker against speaking of illnesses.

To receive the healing wave it is important that the person is “tuned in” properly, i.e. with a firm faith in healing and on the right transmitter, God himself! Bruno Gröning often stated the comparison to a radio: All negative thoughts would generate bad reception. God would always send all the best, but many people could not feel it, because they would have a wrong life-attitude.

It is recommended to play a pleasant music during the absorption of the divine transmitter and to think simply of something beautiful. Many visualise nature, the sea, the mountains, visions of the forest or other scenery, a sunset and others. Above all, one should observe the body. „You have to tune in here only to receive the true divine transmitting, better said: to attain it. How you attain this transmitting, you ascertain this. But over and over again I must say, only then, if you give real attention to your body, thus you pay attention to what happens inside it,  much less around it, but only within your own body. So you are deflected by the environment, by your surroundings, then please simply close your eyes, (...).“ (Date unknown)

Friedrich Retlow mentions in his brochure from the 1950`s „Bruno Gröning's healing- stream – his nature and his effect“ one more important aspect in regard to positive thinking: „Particularly with healings by the energy stream (...) to which the materialistic world looks unbelievingly and negatively, the danger exists that disparaging aspersions, malicious judgments assail (...) the sick person and destroy his faith in his healing and recovery. (...) some relapse of the former illness will occur with this destroying effect of negative thoughts. Thoughts are forces which have a specific oscillation and radiation. (...) if sick people, (...) from harmonious surroundings of good, helpful and confident people enter into another circle of mockers, skeptics and unbelievers and remain there, the relapses can occur for those named reasons without being acknowledged from outside. Hence, it will be advisable not to talk about an initiated healing by the stream; if such a change of the surroundings happens, it is preferable to keep silent, like generally in contact with skeptics and unknowing people,. Only if the transition period finishes and the state of health firmly backs up and seems secure, one should freely talk about it.“

The power of thoughts, not only in relation to health, but in all situations, is pointed out in many books nowadays, partly in million editions. Authors like Dr. Joseph Murphy, Norman Vincent Peale, K. O. Schmidt, Dale Carnegie, Louise L. Hay and many others have written great books on this topic.

“Regulation - a purifying process”
During or after adjusting of the divine healing power it can generate pains in the body, so-called regulation pains. These appear when by the inflow of the healing current the body’s original illness (mess) is led to health (order). Besides, the dammed up depositions and toxic matter must be reduced and eradicated. Bruno Gröning said in addition: „What does not belong in must go out!“  He saw (date unknown) in the regulations nothing more than a cleansing process which is simply necessary with some people. Regulation pain must occur! Some people often feared when regulation pains occurred that a relapse had entered. (...) so I draw your attention if regulation pain comes to endure this. Nothing bad happens, it’s only that the person becomes healthy.“ (01.10.1949) „where everything was in a mess, health must become established this way and work on this or that organ, i.e. the afflicted organ, until is in order again. Do not fear, allow it yourselves go out. It is the good, the divine!“ (2309.150) „It depends always in the severity of illness which somebody suffers from in his body. Everything takes his time!“ (15.10.1949)

Thus it can come, e.g., often in headaches. „Whoever gets headaches, I say “excellent”, because there is the answer; now this must go through to work on the organ, (…). (31.08.1950) It can also come to pains in places where the illness has settled. Reactions like weakness, vomiting, fever, tiredness, i.e. also are common.” Bruno Gröning called this regulation process something very positive, because this is a sure sign that the person has responded to the divine strength and the cleansing process has begun in his body.

From the area of homoeopathy the concept of the "first increase of crisis" is also known. In the writings from the 16th century of the famous doctor Paracelsus, it becomes already clear that he also knew about the phenomenon of the "first increase of crisis": „He, who wants to become healthy, must remember that it doesn’t come without pains, (...) and the way we achieve food from our sweat, here also: from our sweat and pains we become free from illnesses.“ („Paracelsus, the secrets“, p. 208) It should not remain unmentioned that there have been, however, many healings also without any regulation states and are happening even today.

Above all we would like to point out once again that one should always remain under medical control. Bruno Gröning had never advised against the doctor's visit or against the use of medication! Many tape recordings of his talks state this.

Call to the big return
„As true as it is that there is a Lord God, there is also a Satan.“ (9/22/1950) With his clear words about the negative forces Bruno Gröning wanted to bring on neither fears, nor pave a way for religious fanaticism, but clear up the modern person and warn him about this negative force. The existence of evil powers was for him the cause of all negative developments on earth, as for example wars, epidemics, illnesses, the physical destruction and a lot of other things. „The fact that Satan rages here among people, is undeniable and must be pointed out.“ (9/19/1950) „Satan’s work has succeeded. His work is accomplished!“ (9/23/1950) „Satan, (...), has really faced (...) to entice; he has finally steered people off from the true, divine path. He has enticed them, he has lured them and has led humanity on the false path almost entirely.“ (9/26/1950) Above all Bruno Gröning spoke in connection to this about imperiousness and monetary addiction to which many are slaves of. Also he emphasized that striving for material things had discouraged many people from striving for God. „The negative force has done the utmost to human beings (...) to hinder them over and over again from recognizing and accepting (...) the good path.“ (12/26/1958)

He also explained how the Negative Forces achieves authority about a human being mainly over the thoughts. He indicated God as the good source of thoughts, Satan as the bad source. A human being need to check and prove always, where a thought comes from and whether it is worth to be taken up. Everybody should reject nasty thoughts consciously, like. e.g., thoughts of revenge, envy, greed,  etc. And he warned again: „The evil force will oppose and will do all in addition, so that it cannot be removed.

And the negative force is very deceitful and knows how to creep up and sneak in everywhere. Therefore (12/4/1958) Bruno Gröning asked people to lead the fight against evil, i.e. to defend themselves internally against everything which they had  already recognized as evil. Without fight there would be no victory, he stated.

Nowadays the unequivocal statement of Christ in the New Testament about the existence of a satanic power is interpreted by wide circles of liberal theologians, unfortunately, only as a time-conditioned false image. It does not seem to fit in the view of a sophisticated person. Therefore behind this attitude is hidden a big danger. Augustinus already said: „The power of the devil is the strongest where nobody does believe any more in him.“

Bruno Gröning was aware of that and, therefore, he called humanity for the big return: „Two masters, my dear friends, you cannot serve. Not on one hand the evil and on the other hand God. (...) you must put everything that you have felt as bad up till now in your life on earth, completely aside. You must turn your back on negativity; you must go the other path. And, hence, I call all of you to the big return! Go the way, which is determined to you by God - and to us all through Christ-. “ (12/4/1958)

Because of the fact, that many people received great healings through the words of Bruno Gröning and simultaneous absorbing of the divine power, people started spontaneously to gather in groups, so called communities. In regard of that Bruno Gröning said on 5th of October 1958:

“I didn’t run a circle of friends by myself, (…) but this was originated willingly by the people, (…).the communities came about this way, dear friends. It would be wrong if I’ve said: “Well, you create a community, you and you (…) and so on. (…) In many cases it has been (…) that way (…) when one or another had experienced wellbeing on his own body, they felt committed to help other human beings to experience the same.”

„Together we are strong“ is a known life wisdom and explains the sense of the communities. No matter in which religious or spiritual union, people always search like-minded people to strengthen themselves mutually in faith, to exchange experiences, to take up together strength and to pray. Not differently it is with the communities which appeal to Bruno Gröning.

One can receive the divine strength, however, also in his own home or at any other place. „If you sit down home just as you have sat here (in the community). (...) you can also receive it at home.“ (9/7/1950) „As well as you have received here this stream, this remedial wave, you will receive it, wherever you go, wherever you stand, anywhere on this earth.“ (9/23/1950)

Bruno Gröning accommodated the request of many community leaders, and from time to time he visited such circles of friends. In the framework of those gatherings he gave countless lectures. They were supervised by the “Gröning-Association” an umbrella Organisation, which was founded by Gröning in 1953. 1958 followed the “Association for Encouragement of mental-spiritual and natural foundations”. Bruno Gröning always looked for an organisation to ensure the legally protection of his work. This association is still existing today ( In the meantime several new associations came up about different reason. All these associations are caring for surrounded communities.

Nevertheless, meanwhile there is a new development. During the last years more and more often independent communities originated in which the visitors, detached by an association, devote themselves to the teaching of Bruno Grönings and take up together the divine strength. The „circle of information would like to support these independent communities: Life and Teaching of Bruno Gröning inc.“ with pleasure  and promote in certain manner, if desired, the cohesion of a free alliance and spiritual network.

Bruno Gröning had to change some of his plans in the course of his life on account of unfavourable occurrences. In the beginning he wanted to establish sanitariums in connection with doctors. Under beneficial conditions he would have been ready to work in hospitals under medical supervision. Later he even aspired to an occupation of a remedial practitioner but permission was refused. As a result he founded, as already mentioned, the "Gröning Alliance" or afterwards the „Association for Encouragement of mental-spiritual and natural foundations. He did everything to be able to help people in regular lines. On this occasion, he distinguished himself by his flexibility.

Short healing reports
Katharina D. had a stiff hand. Nobody could help her. At a meeting with Bruno Gröning it is spontaneously cured.

Hugo P. receives a healing from many years' rheumatism and sciatic discomfort.

During 20 years Elisabeth S. was deaf on the right ear. It is cured, although the treating doctor explained to her that it is excluded to regain the hearing.

Mrs. W. had many years of strong asthma and threatened to suffocate. After a talk.with Bruno Grönings she is completely cured.

Mr. S. receives a healing from Bechterew-Disease, while Bruno Gröning volunteered to Science at the Heidelberg Ludolf Krehl Clinic, under the patronage of Prof. Dr. Weizsäcker. The "remedial method" Grönings should be investigated there.

Zenta S. is cured at the age of 57 years of stuttering which she had since her sixth year.

Mrs. K. receives healing from neuralgic pains which troubled her during ten years.

Erich B. is cured after many years of multiple sclerosis. From gratitude he becomes an employee of Bruno Gröning.

Lina B. receives healing from hip joint inflammation on both sides which annoyed her for years. It was classified as incurable.

Johann S. is cured after 13 years of a very painful duodenal rank growth and heavy stomach lowering.

Paula B. is released from a heavy heart suffering.

Adolf G. is cured of stomach cancer. He visited only one talk of Bruno Gröning.

Mr. R. had gone blind for 7 years on the right eye. He gets back the full ocular light

Johanna B. suffered during 20 years from asthma, had such breathlessness that her heart threatened to fail. Their healing is confirmed even by medical side.

Franz N. had for 30 years spinal polio. His healing is confirmed also medically.

Gisela K. had strong sciatic discomfort. For years she could move only under very strong pains. The wheel chair threatened her. She was given up by the doctors. After a meeting with Gröning she is completely cured. Their healing is published „The new paper“.

Voices to Bruno Gröning
„The phenomenon Gröning has interested me as a medical pratitioner so that I have spent for many weeks, many days, but also many nights at the side of Gröning. (...) Gröning poses a riddle to us doctors: At first: he is capable to heal sick people with the heaviest sufferings, - even blind people by personal contact - I have seen by myself - and the strongest concentration in short time or to give them relief at least Secondly Gröning is able to achieve the same results, namely complete healings or, nevertheless, considerable improvement by so-called “distant healings”. I have also seen distant healings. (...) we as doctors could and have to learn alot from Mr. Gröning, because it is perfectly proved in hundreds of cases that the ‘small Gröning’ has helped and has completely healed where Science and medical skills already failed.“ MD ZETTI

„It turned out that Mr. Gröning examined nobody who came to him. No case has become known in which Mr. Gröning has physically touched a patient. It has never become known to me that he tried to move a sick person to refuse the help of professional doctors. He also prescribed no drugs (...). To me no case has become known in which Mr. Gröning would have demanded money of a person treated by him. I have not held (...) him for a charlatan. It was undeniable for me that there forces emanated from him who caused healings on human beings.“ BISHOP DR. HERMANN KUNST

„It can’t be denied that Bruno Gröning has already cured many ill people who were called as incurable. The orthodox medicine hastens to explain that this is nothing unusual, when it concerns illnesses which have their origin in the mental. Why, however, the school medicine had so little success up to now in this method of treatment, this is not clear. Or are these cases so sparsely to remain silent about? The ‘new remedial method’ in Herford is worth the furore, which one makes of it.“ PHD A. KAUL

„Gröning is a unique emergence, not to classify into psychotherapeutic or psychological school. I think, he was a deeply religious person. More modest, more reliably, good-natured, and helpful man.“ Publisher HELMUT KINDLER

Circle of Information: Life and Teaching of Bruno Gröning Inc.