Contemporary Witness Report Dr. Kurt Trampler

Also in private talks I often heard the resolute statement from Gröning that he bears the responsibility before God only to perform the “healing by the pure divine power” for the suffering that at least have the good will to live by the divine law and to exclude those from the healing who are not ready to let go of the evil. (…) The opponents of Gröning attacked this attitude harshly and inferred that this holds the danger that every ill person that got not healed by Gröning from now feels like being rejected by God and will suffer even more under this emotional weight than before. Gröning himself rejected this interpretation of his words resolutely and called them as consciously malicious. Who forms a habit of thinking accurate about words can not but read that out of Grönings sentences: that he generally excludes the evil person, the blasphemer from receiving the healing. But that does not mean that in reverse everyone else will be healed, indeed. It only means that they are allowed to ask for healing. If the healing actually takes place in every single case there are a lot of criteria that are not connected to any judgement about the patient whatsoever. (…).(source: Dr. Kurt Trampler, „Die große Umkehr”, Heering Verlag, page 72 – 73)

In the course of a (…) talk about good and evil I mentioned once the question of free will. With a very special, precise resoluteness Gröning refused the interference of the human free will. “I am allowed to help a person to find the way to Good but I am not allowed to take the decision off nor to force him to the Good. Everyone has to find its way on its own.” Especially out of this reason, not to touch the human freedom of decision, he refused “suggestion and hypnosis as something evil”. Source: Dr. Kurt Trampler, „Die große Umkehr”, Heering Verlag, page 76)