Contemporary Witness Report Anny Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach

When Bruno Gröning did not get support from any official position to talk to the ill people under regulated circumstances, friends created opportunities, mostly in private spaces. Here seekers for healing should get the possibility to get together with Bruno Gröning, that means to get to know his teachings and help in a bigger circle.

Such an opportunity was also in Gräfeling in the Fremdenheim Weickersheim. Here often lectures of Bruno Gröning took place namely for the once who lived farther, who came with busses, at 2pm and the second lecture at 8pm. The attendees often had to applicate weeks before and then showed an entrypermission. In a double room the sliding door were opened and for approximately 100 people chairs were arranged. Out of shortage of space then, for the Swiss people who arrived with a bus, on the ground floor a room were provided because mostly they had to stay over night.

No names were announced; it was like one big family that sat down, asking and listening, on the assigned place around Bruno Gröning. At the people who came with crutches and sticks or even got carried and at the blind ones, one could see why they came. About the lot of inner illnesses one got to know about through the reactions that were sudden and often very intense during the lecture. The socalled walking disabled got placed in the front row most of the time because a lot of them began walking freely.

However before Bruno Gröning entered the room an introduction was given – here by Dr. TRampler. It was necessary to talk about the new way of the healer Bruno Gröning and the conditions to receive the healing flow without inner resistance. Through that also an inner calmness should be established and a letting go of the daily thoughts.; especially the thought about the illness. Though Bruno Gröning was in a distant secondary room the healing wave already got felt by a lot of people and the inner tension grew from minute to minute. Sometimes Bruno Gröning also sat in the background of the lecture room and listened to the introduction. Then he stepped into the central corridor he stayed silent for some minutes in deep concentration and the air around him literally seemed to vibrate. With a resonant, kind voice he greeted the seekers of healing and spoke about the faith in God and the letting go of the evil, the satanic. The illness is satanic and only the divine power could banish it. Often his voice exaggerated into a loud calling when he announced the battle against the evil or spoke about the satanic influence on the world. Then it was as if he shouted it out into the whole universe.

During his speeches in all the corners and ends of the room incidents occurred. People threw away there crutches and walked over to Gröning with radiant, happy faces and shouted out: “I can walk again, without stick and without pain!” And then instantly they run out of the room and up and down the steps. The stiff limb had to become mobile again. Some man or woman wanted to give their crutches to Gröning but with the words “Well, I would have to bring a furniture truck with me!” Gröning often broke the fist thick sticks as it were matches. One could see what physical strengths were in this rather small and delicate appearing person Bruno Gröning. The debris of these sticks he gave back then as souvenirs (…). when Bruno Gröning had finished his lecture, he often said: “Now I have talked a lot. But now I would like to hear something of you, (…) what new feeling is inside of you; what’s going on inside of you?” He walked over to everyone, looked at him with radiant, big, blue eyes and pointed at him with folded hands, which forefinger was outstretched. This look went deep down into your soul and from his forefinger a power jumped over that went through and through. Asthmatics began to breath stertorously  (…) and Bruno Gröning stayed there for so long till he or she became calmer and calmer and then breathed normal. Soemtimes Bruno Gröning had to say: “Not so tensed – let go!” Yearlong asthma got healed in a few seconds. The once suffering from heart problems broke out in sweat and described how her heart was in an uproar, then became calmer and calmer and the oppression was gone.

Mutes answered to a question of Bruno Gröning aloud and fluent and were surprised about themselves that they suddenly could speak. They then reported to the attendees that they could only communicate via signs for years.

Once a young woman with careworn face and a roughly nine years old girl sat in the second row. When Gräning asked her “Well, mummy, what do you feel?” she answered “Unfortunately nothing, Mr Gröning”. “Yes, mummy, do not look back into the past all the time. The shock about that still sticks in you; you have to let go of that first. It was during a bomb attack; you were in a kind of glasshouse and you got buried and you were in the 8th month (pregnant). When you were rescued the child was born and was blind, right?!” Surprised the woman answered: “Yes, exactly.” Then Bruno Gröning: “Now do not think about this shocking time anymore, believe strongly in God’s help and ask him. The child you do not need to bring with you all the time, if the mummy just believes strong enough!” Eight days later the mummy was there again. The worried expression in her face was gone; literally she was younger. When Gröning asked her she answered: “Yes, now a warmth rickles through me and I feel bright and free.” “Now mummy, stay with this. Soon it will be!” One week later the woman was there again and Bruno Gröning walked over to her in the middle of a lecture, stood in front of her silently and said: “Mummy, on Thursday at 5.20 pm you take your child and lead it into a darkened room. It will see again and because it has never seen colour or form before it would get frightened and the fright could make it ill. Let it adapt to everything in its environment slowly.” Because this case interested me in particular I inquired and got to know some time later that everything happened on the minute like Bruno Gröining had said it. After some years I asked Bruno Gröning again about the child and got to know that it can see as normal as if it has never been blind.

Once a young woman with snow-white face was driven in. During the lecture she lost consciousness and looked like she was dead. Bruno Gröning only gave her a short look and calmed down the ones around her that started to get worried, especially the man at her side. After tight half an hour she woke up, stretched out, had red cheeks and stood up from the wheel chair and walked off to Gröning; still a bit unstable but with radiant, surprised expression in the eyes. “Nice, dear woman, when one can stand on his own legs again and the heart beats in addition in its normal pulse again! But do not immediately try to catch up all the lost years; slowly lead the body to its duties!” When the woman wanted to say thank you, Gröning said: “Say thank you to God; I am only his small helper. Proof now that you are a true child of God!” The man who had brought her in stood up and said with moved voice: “Mr Gröning, I am her husband and a doctor myself. For me my wife was incurable after I tried everything. However her only wish was to come to you. I was convinced that she would die on the journey because she was so ill in her heart that every move was linked to life danger. I am shocked about this miracle and can hardly believe it!” Crying for joy he pushed out the empty chair wheel and sat down on the chairs with his wife and listened to the two hours lecture. Often he looked at his wife with questions in his eyes as if he first had to accustom himself of the view of his healthy, happy wife.

In the background often deafs to which Gröning very low asked the question: “When I talk this loud you can hear me well?” Answer: “Yes, every word I understand when you talk this loud and in the head a humming and buzzing starts.” Everybody laughed because they had heard how low Gröning had asked. Gröning mostly took the hearing aid away beforehand if they were not put out during the introduction already. Gröning said then: “Your small machine has now done its duty. Hang it over your bed with a nice bow, as a souvenir!”

Often paralyzed people who stood up suddenly and stretched out and extended themselves had to pick up Gröning’s cigarette pack around ten times, what they did with joy and were surprised how easy they could do it after they often had been dependent on external help for years.

But there were also some who did not want health. the following case: A young woman sat in a wheel chair and besides me the nurse that had driven her in. Suddenly Bruno GRöning said: “Isn’t it nice to be ill and the whole house has pitifulness and everybody pampers you. You do not have to work and still you get good food and the many presents!!” The nurse besides me pocked me and said to me: “That is for my woman over there. She did not want that I brought her here. She tyrannizes the whole house and does not make any effort to get healthy again. Though she is only 30 years old! But I hope that after watching so many wonderful things that the wish and will awakes in her; Gröning will help her. That is my wish and believe because for us in the house it is has get unbearable; her tyranny.” She was driven out as she was driven in before!

Once a lady stood up and said: “ Mr Gröning, I am here to say thank you! My daughter was in New York in a hospital and because she had breast cancer her breast should have cut away. From relatives in Germany I got the newspaper article in which were written about great healings at the Traberhof. I telegraphed my relatives: “Asked Bruno Gröning for help for L.!” The telegraph as hardly in the hands of my relatives the lump in my daughter went away day by day till only a black dot had remained that the doctor then cut out easily. My relative wrote me that she met Mr Gröning and presented the plea and he described to her the room in detail and the furnitures in which my daughter laid in the hospital and her healing. How extremely astonished the doctors were and how they talked about a miracle! I got her letter with this description even before she got my note. Everything was right. Now I came to Germany for myself to talk to you and to ask you: Come to us to America! There you, for sure, could work freely because there the doctors are very open-minded and you would get help everywhere!” “Yes, dear woman. I have to stay where the ground is the hottest. And what does it do, a small water between – you can see, it works as well! Give my kind greetings to your daughter!”

Once a woman asked: “Mr Gröning, I should get operated next week. Shall I do it?” Gröning: “That you have to decide for yourself! (…)”

(Once) Gröning asked: “Who has pain?” A lot raised there hands. Gröning made a blessing movement with his right hand above all and everyone confirmed that the pain was gone. After some time Gröning asked again: “Who has pain today of or a strange feeling which is new to him?” When some came forward and reported Gröing said: “Be happy because this a regulation pain that creates order again. Do not let yourself bring out of this by your environment so that the evil that we got rid off will (not) come back! Distract yourself by praying. This pain has to be there often because when the new blood suddenly comes back again in the dead limbs and bring new life, that hurts; because Satan does not like to give up his place!”

“Today the police is her!” once Gröning said suddenly during a lecture. Everybody look around in the room but no policemen were to be seen. Also Dr Trampler said that he would know about that. Gröning walked over to a man who sat in the backmost row and only said: “Well?” This one stood up and said: “Yes, I am a policeman but I am not here in a official position; therefore without uniform but for my child” “Yes”, Grönign said, “that is true and your small one will run to you healthy again. Remember the time, it is 9.15 pm When you now would like to arrest me because of that I tell you: No tie or hand cuff is strong enough that I could not burst; no prison wall is thick enough that I could not go through. Even when I was torn into 1000 pieces and buried deep down in the earth – the healing will go on!” “No, Mr Gröning, never I would let myself install for that – I would give up my duty immediately. I have seen so many wonderful things during my round at the Traberhof that I always tell my comrades how wrong they do you to be after you and to bring you to trial!” Gröning: “The greatest friend of mankind was tracked down, too, and even put at the cross. The satanic power has become big again and I have nothing else to do but to fight against it and everything else happens on its own. The people name it miracle because he went away from it. I want to lead them back because we should not forget that we are all children of God. God will help us when we have find the way back to him!”

Once a man were there who laughed loud all the time so that by and by also the other ones began to laugh. Then Gröning walked over to him and said to us seriously: “Please, do not laugh because this is his illness. Where he wants to cry he has to laugh.” He stood liently before him and looked at him till he got more and more quite and then everything was good.

Once a lady sat with a stick in the first row and Gröning said to her: “What’s that? You did walk without the stick once and you were well?” “Yes, Mr Gröning, I went healthy and free from the Traberhof at home, everybody was filled with wonder. Then the awful articles about you came in the newspaper and the many, almost daily extra papers in which you wre named as charlatan and criminal. In short: My environment, my relatives overwhelmed me not to believe that my acquired health would be permanent because I was healed by a devil! I became doubts and there the first pain was there again. then I became afraid and worried and day (by day), yes, hour by hour I was thrown back into the old illness. No, look, the only tower of strength is my stick.” Bruno Gröning: “there you can see what the environment, the influence of the evil can bring! I always say: Look carefully at your environment; do not tolerate evil people around you. Pull yourself back from that when you can’t lead them to the Good. They are instruments of the Satan! Therefore healing places shall form that the weak ill ones – I mean by that the ones who are weak inside – get away from their faithless environment. I advice you do not to talk about it with anyone when you are in the process of healing. This is in almost all the cases the reason for the fall-back into illness. The envy has become so big – this is now the battle against me. Comes such a small one, without having studied and healing happens that no professor or doctor can do. But don’t let yourself bring out of it. My way is through the dirt that I know. I literally have to wade tough mud. And what I build up will be destroyed again often. Your luck that you found your way hither, dear woman, and the stick you put aside forever now!” Gladly she stood up and walked up to Gröning, she gave him the stick and walked up and down the stairs a dozen times with the words: “No, nobody can influence me to the evil anymore; this I promise to you, Mr Gröning.” Fully healed she walked away then.

Sometimes Bruno Gröning transferred the disease pattern (of a healing seeker) onto another present person, which then described what he felt and what happens inside of him. Bruno Gröning just made a spinning movement with the open hand and at the end of the description of the transferred disease pattern the person concerned had to breath out shortly with an open mouth then the transfer was over for him. Once a married couple sat in the front row and Gröning did this spinning movement against the man. This one almost coiled up in pain and groaned: “Mr Gröning, I suddenly have dreadful pain in my abdomen; what is this suddenly?”

“Yes”, Bruno Gröning said, “this is the pain of your wife. Now you will believe that she has this pain indeed and you will never (…) name her as imaginary ill! Do not disturb her anymore in her healing with your sarcasm!”

The man had to breath out deeply and was now healed through this painful indoctrination from his emotional cruelty.

Sometimes seekers for healing could not let go of disturbing thoughts so easily. Then Bruno Gröning asked them suddenly: “What a beautiful brooch you have; is it real?” Or: “What a strange colour your tie has, indeed?” He or she of the person concerned thought in this moment about the mentioned thing and in this moment Bruno Gröning directed the healing flow with one look into the person and the healing took place. This I experienced so often!

Every attendee got a small silver-paper ball before the lecture to take home. Bruno Gröning said: “And when the house is on fire and when you will loose everything; only the small ball you shall never loose. It is the most precious for you; it is your health and your protection! It attracts all good powers and rejects all evil!” A lot of attendees let Bruno Gröning take rosaries, gems and pictures in his hand at the end and they were talked to.

Always at the end of the lecture Bruno Gröning said: “If it is your wish that also the ill at home will get help because he could not come for himself so I will help these people, too. Give my best to him!” And so often it was reported then, that he or she at home stood up from the sick bed healthy or showed a sudden reaction that, if the environment did not disturb it out of ignorance, always led to healing.

In this way I experienced a lot, lot of lectures in which all sorts of people were present: Various educational rates, various professions, various ages and every lecture was in its form different in the examples; always adapted to the understanding of the people concerned. That somehow always the same: a way to God! Because like Bruno said: “No man can heal! Only the One it is – God! The highest doctor of all mankind is and will be our God!”

(source: Anny Freiin Ebner von Eschenbach – Miterlebtes in den Vorträgen in Gräfelfing von Bruno Gröning 1950-51)