Contemporary Witness Report Anneliese Bollack

A day with Bruno Gröning !

 If a presentation of Bruno Gröning was already insightful and interesting, so was the opportunity to experience one day with him, to have the possibility to consider yourself that he himself wholeheartedly lived his teachings.

He himself had already put into action what was so astonishing and new for us in his words – yes, almost seemed to be unpractical. Well, I would like to tell about one of these days with Bruno Gröning step by step.

It was in the morning before breakfast. Mr Gröning had given a long speech last night and afterwards he sat together with his friends till the early morning hours, so that he must have had only four hours sleep. Nevertheless he appeared rested and fresh as if he had slept the whole night. Despite most of us did sleep well, one or the other was a bit tired because of the uncommon, short period of sleep and answered: “Thanks, slept well, Mr Gröning, only a bit too short.” “Too short? Too much sleep you had.” and becoming serious again he continued by turning towards us all: “As you can see, dear friends, the people do it wrong when they lay down to calm down. During the day they absorb everything what assails to them. The fidget of the working place, the worries and disagreements of daily life – twelve hours long or even longer – and they are so chock-full with this debris till going to bed. So they lay down because the body is tired and most of the time they fall asleep immediately. But what they had absorbed during the day, dear friends, does not sleep! It moves on in the brain; it needs to be digested. Even with the mental things the human being needs to deal with just like food. The sleep of those people is therefore uneasy and superficial and though they sleep long they awake unrested. In the morning the alarm clock pulls them out of their unrested slumber and then again they do it wrong because the sudden rouse is a shock to the organism. Barely they hear the chattering of the alarm, they jump out of bed, rush into their clothes, choke quickly a few bites down and of they go to work. Yes, the whole day long the restlessness and rush with which they got up stay with them and still the work is not truly successful. No, my dear friends, this is not the art of sleeping. Body and mind did not get what they need. I want to explain to you how to use the night so that body and soul can absorb what they need; that is to say the good. When you want to go to rest at night, dear friends, then please do not fell asleep immediately. Because you take with you all the dirt with which you burdened yourself with the whole day and therefore the body can’t find rest. Before one goes to bed one should let the daily incidences pass by your inner eye, one by one. If he is capable of doing it, he has to check every incidence, every thought if right or wrong. If the thought, the word or the action was wrong, then he has to regret it from his heart and be fully determined to make it better next time.

Every bad thought that a person absorbs, did not regret and disclaims, he has to put into action somewhere along the way. Therefore it is of the highest importance, my dear friends, that you control and master your thoughts. I always talked about absorbing thoughts. You might wonder why I use this expression; but it is like that indeed. The thoughts that are whirring inside your head every second, they are not yours, dear friends; you just tune into them like a radio tunes into the broadcast. You can decide for yourself if you want to tune into the good or bad thoughts, the good or bad broadcasts. Because what you want you will absorb and so are your thoughts. Therfore I say all the time: Man acts according his own will – like the will so is the thought – the thought motivates action! And I repeat myself, dear friends: Every thought which you absorb and which you do not disclaim through true remorse, one day you will have to realize this one, if you want it or not. If, for example someone of you hate somebody and thinks again and again: “I kill him!” And one day he is confronted with his enemy alone – doesn’t matter when, it can be after 10 years or 20 years – then the moment of realization is there. His thoughts become action and he ends his enemy’s life cold-blooded. But after he becomes conscious again and says horror-striken:Yes, I do not know how this could happen?I did not want that, it just came over me suddenly and so I did it.” But this avowal does not help him anymore in front of the judge and no one believes him that now he is truthful and horrified about his action and still it was like that, dear friends, in this moment he did not want to kill his enemy. But the thoughts he had absorbed again and again in the past forced him to do so. Therefore: Want only the good and always absorb it!

But now back to the sleep. I said you should – as far as you are able to – check the past day including his incidence precisely. I know that a lot of you forget a lot what they think and speak during the day. I personally know every thought, every word that I had spoken; every action I have done – not only from one day, no, of my whole life – and, by the way, I could repeat, word by word, every speech which I have held. You will see, dear friends, when you think about the past day honestly and fair every night before going to sleep that it becomes more detailed and complete and finally you can remember every thought and that is what you have to achieve. I can do it, so why shouldn’t you!”, Mr Gröning added with a smile. Then he continued: “If you took notice of all this and digested the past day like that, then you will see what a calmness will be inside of you. There is nothing whirring inside your brain anymore. There is no restless vibration inside of you anymore! Every thought has its place and where order is, there is health and peace. With this peace now you can go to sleep. Body and mind relax and rest in a few hours deeper than in a long, uneasy night. I myself only need one or two hours sleep. Of course, you need a bit more but not as long as you slept to date.

When you awake in the morning, please make it so that you do not have to get up instantly. better to wake up half an hour earlier and first receive the divine power. You have to absorb as much as you need to have enough for the whole day. I have to do it also. I even have to absorb much more so that I can pass it on to you then. So can you pass the power on to others, weaker people. Yes, you do it unconsciously in daily life. For example, when you meet somebody during the day and shake hands, instantly there is the adjustment of strengths. If you have more strength inside of you so it flows over to the other person. If the other one has more so he will give you strength through the handshake. This is like having two bins of water with different level of water. When you connect these bins with a pipeline there is the immediate exchange till the water level is the same height in both bins. Therefore you should not shake hands with everybody. You do not only get the good but also the bad.

I want to tell you an additional example about strength adjustment from person to person: Assumed that the father has had trouble at the office, he comes home exhausted and tired. The mother has prepared the meal and expects him beaming with joy and full of good power. She opens the door and the man enters. He looks tired and peevishly. The woman looks at him worried and asks: “But daddy what is it? Aren’t you feeling fine?” “Sure, sure, but I am so tired and have had trouble.” he answers. “Just come in. It will be better in a minute. Leave your coat here, I will give you a good supper”, the woman answers and strokes her husband kindly above the head. In this moment it happens. The mood of the tired, drawn man changes just like that. “I don’t know, mummy, but when I am at home with you everything is different”, he says gratefully. “I suddenly feel so comfortable and so fresh as if the past day with its trouble and anger did not exist and moreover now I am really hungry and look forward to the supper.” “This is ncie”, the mother answers, “I will bring it to you immediately. But then I will lay down a bit. I don’t know why I am suddenly so tired.” and she yawns extensively. See, dear friends, this was the adjustment. The woman gave strength to her powerless, peevish husband. But she did not have a lot herself and therefore she became tired afterwards. Some of you have experienced that, for sure?” A keen nodding was the answer of the group and Mr Gröning continued: “Life is a constant consumption of energy. You have no idea how much energy a single thought needs and how many thoughts do you absorb during the day? And how often does an energy adjustment takes place with another person? See, this all you have to contest with the good, divine power that you absorb in the morning. Yes, this power has to last that long that you still have enough in the evening not to be exhausted. Each time when you give too much and you decrease your life energy trough that, you have to start building it up again. A work is easily destroyed through carelessness. But how long does it take to build them up again? See, dear friends, that’s how it is. One single, mean thought that you absorb will cut you back immediately and destroy all the order in your body that you laboriously reached with God’s help. I therefore emphasize again: always absorb the divine power and always absorb enough so that the body can restore a certain amount.

When you let yourself reduce too much you can’t receive new power without help. To receive the good, divine transmission you have to have enough good energy inside you. This is exactly like the radio receiver. This one also needs energy as electric power first before it can receive the transmission and give it back again. Is this energy missing or the applied voltage is too low you won’t get a sound out of your receiver.

And this is one of the reasons why I am so into that you meet regularly in a community; because there are always some friends in our circle who let themselves reduce so much in daily life or in dealing with relatives and acquaintances that they can’t receive the good out of their own motivation. But if these people visit our community regularly then the adjustment will take place here. Those who have absorbed very well give some energy so that the others will get some strength again to be able to receive the divine power and by this everyone in the community will absorb the good, the divine. Therefore the friends feel so well and strengthened afterwards. Or maybe it is otherwise? Who of you does not feel well here? You can say it, dear friends! Convince yourself of the truth!” All the attendees confirmed that they feel well and refreshed and Mr Gröning continued admonitory: But not only now you should feel strong but all life long. Therefore absorb on a regular basis. So when you absorb that much in the morning that you feel “now I have enough” – you will get this sensibility by time -, then don’t rush with getting up. Through rush and impatience you just waste the good energies and furthermore you waste a lot of time with nervousness. By the way, nervousness is nothing else but lacking energy. Stay calm through all life circumstances and if you might think once that you are in a hurry then be even more slowed down and thoughtful. Because remember this carefully: Calmness should be holy for man, only the foll is in a rush! Calmness is the good, the divine! The rush and nervousness is already the evil and leads to disorder; not only in your environment; no, also in your body. Out of hurry and imbalance in your being a tension in your body is created and every recurring tension leads sooner or later to a dysfunction or disorder. You call this illness – I say disorder!

Often one single tension is enough to induce a lasting disorder in the body.

Some people become ill out of a sudden shock or alarm. It is also common that this disorder becomes present years later. But reason for this disease is always the evil that the man did absorb and when you erase this disorder you have to create order inside if you. You have to free yourself of the evil; let go of every mean thought. Then you can receive the good and the order comes back again. It is not easy to free yourself of something that was a burden to your body for so long. But if you are willing and convinced about it in your deepest self so can this happen immediately. However I emphasize again: The clearing has to be thoroughly! I want to explain that via a metaphor: Predicted that you want to pour clear, pure water in a bin. Should this water stay clear, the bin has to be clean. If there was some milk inside before and if there is still one drop left, so the whole clear water will be murky. So you have to pour out the whole, former content first, then wash the bin thoroughly and make it dry with a clean cloth, so that not even the smallest smell gives a hint about the old liquid and therefore pollute and spoil the new, the precious. See, so thoroughly you must banish the evil out of your mind and body. Only then the divine power can have its full effect and can create order. So be even more attentive and even more strict with yourself! Then some day you will be able to help others, too, and everyone of you should reach this far, shouldn’t you?!

Now the breakfast was served and everyone consumed a small snack. While Mr Gröning ate his snack silently and devotional the others discussed intensely about what they just have heard. When Mr Gröning was addressed he just nodded or shaked his head in disagreement but no word came out of his mouth. After the meal he sat quiet for a while, then he said: “Yes, dear friends, also with the meals you make it wrong often. I don’t want to blame you because you did not know.  If one or the other of you make a mistake we won’t be angry with him, quite the contrary. With every mistake of someone else we have and he has the opportunity to learn and to make it better because only now through making the mistake we become aware and can deal with it. Always learn from your mistakes and from the mistakes of others. We are all just students on this world – including me – and I learn the most when I am with you. I learn from every mistake in my environment. Be aware, too, and observe carefully so that one day you can differentiate for yourself what is right and what is wrong. You should not be dependent on me. I cannot stay forever by your side and one day I will leave this world, too. Even then you have to continue living in the good and you have to know what you want.” But none of the attendees wanted to realize this hint in its full consequence. “Well enough, I mentioned a mistake which you made earlier by talking unconcernedly during the breakfast. When you do something do it with full consciousness and devote yourself to the task. The man how he is today can only do one thing at the time. But this one he has to give his full attention otherwise nothing comes out of it. When you eat, dear friends, only think about this act. Think about the food that you bring into your body as holy, too – like your body – and thank God for every bite that He presents to you. Without God there would be no food. If you think about something else, talk or read the newspaper during the meal you eat what you do or think besides as well. Mostly it’s something bad. No wonder when you get trouble after such a superficial meal. This causes stomach and gut problems. Because it’s simply to much for the digestive tract what comes down from above again and again.

And something else of importance I want to tell you while we are already talking about this topic: Take care to empty your gut every morning and take the breakfast after that. This also belongs to the order. Because when you do it the other way it might easily happen that the old mixes with the new and often the gut says no then. You have to remove the old ash from the fireplace, too, before you can light up a new fire because otherwise it cannot burn but smolder. Every housewife knows this out of experience. With your own body you are not that attentive most of the time.

Even after this meal the stomach needs a bit of rest because the blood is partially concentrated in its walls and supports the digestion of the dishes. In the first quarter of an hour the stomach has to do the hardest work since he has soaked the food with his juices. If you just could see how interesting this is. While the stomach twists and turns the contents again and again by wave-like movements the glands inject like little fountains into the mush till he is well mixed, yes, one could say saponified. When you disturb this phase with work or intense talks the stomach gets tensed. The relaxed, wave-like movements become convulsions; the juices stop to flow and the food enters the gut unsaponified. He cannot deal with that either and congestions and trouble occurs. With strong agitation even vomiting can take place. Therefore follow this life rule and you will experience that you will feel better than before. The food gets used fully; therefore you need less and stomach as well as gut will be freed of unnecessary ballast. Treats are satisfying to the palate and the results of a wrong nourishment will become present sooner or later and when the disorder in the body has arrived once, how difficult for you to make order again!”

After the lunch Mr Gröning lay down for some time. We now knew why this was necessary and were eager not to disturb him. Before that he told us: “During my sleep in no case you need to stay calm. It does not disturb me when you talk loudly or walk in the room. Only for one thing I ask: Don’t catch an evil thought because then I am awake immediately! I have to fend him then!” Although we saw that Mr Gröning was sleeping deeply and calm we had to understand astonished after he woke up that he knew exactly what everyone of us had done during his sleep. Yes, he even gave an answer to talks that were held in another room. There were a lot of proofs of his wonderful gift in his life. Time and space were no matter. He described the suffering and characters of people that lived hundreds, yes, thousands of kilometres away more profoundly than the relatives knew them. Also the targeted acknowledged, like you can read in many healing reports, that during this hour a feeling became noticeable that brought them relief and even liberation of years long troubles. While being with Mr Gröning his gift became such a matter of course that we were not surprised when he gave us an answer while welcoming – to a question that we racked our brains with months ago and many hundred kilometres away from him. He knew everyone of his friends better than the friend himself did. Close to him it was like all the earthly worries and problems were moved in the distance and became unimportant. We felt well and secure in peace and in divine love.

The afternoon passed on like the morning. People came, people went. Everyone had another concern and for all Mr Gröning had the right words of solace and pointed out the paths, which lead to peace and harmony. In the evening he prepared himself for a long lecture and we knew it would be late – like the past nights till he could allow his body some rest Like this day passed on every day of his busy life passed on. Year in, year out Bruno Gröning was on the way; from place to place, from city to city, to bring the people the truth and to lead them on the path to order and God again. (…) Mr Gröning was always kind, patient and helpful. He lived humble and modestly and never absorbed a mean thought although there was so much evil from lot’s of sides brought to him.