Contemporary Witness Report Alfred Hosp

Before we become the students of Bruno Gröning we have read a lot of books dealing with spiritual topics. Among there were the greatest descriptions of past and future periods of creations of God as well as detailed descriptions of the conditions in the spiritual worlds. Other literature described the imminent coming of the apocalypse (anno 1950) in the darkest colours so that an almost panic-like fear made your blood run cold. All these works, often thrilling written and filled with fanciful details, had one thing in common: Mainly, they dealt with occult, otherworldly descriptions but seldom gave concrete hints to handle daily life. (…) When I pointed out to Bruno Gröning, not without some pride, that we know about spiritual things because we have already read so many occult books, he asked us sudden while acting unknowing: “Occult, what is occultism? What does it mean?” I was very surprised about this question and answered bumptiously: “But, Mr Gröning, this is, of course, the knowledge about the spiritual secret teachings.” He answered deliberately: “Is that so, secret teachings! With God there are no secrets. This is only what the people in their arrogance have said to come to center stage. Remember what I tell you now: The time of secretiveness is definitely over! Now one says in all public without circumscription what man wants and what is God’s will. The connection to him is necessary for everyone. There are no exceptions, (…).” (source: Alfred Hosp, “Kräfte des Geistes” Eigen Verlag, page 63-65)

Some time later (…) the topic “Spiritual rendition” became the object. Referring to that some attendees talk about what they had experienced and that there are people who say of them selves that they are clear sighted. They could see angels, yes, even look into heaven. The question was directed to Gröning if this all is right. He answered serious and certain: “A lot of people are educated, but most of them are talented in phantasy. They think they see or hear something. Mostly the source for this is only wish, vision or craving for recognition. In the spiritual areas there are a lot of delusion, even more because most psychics do not know who really hides behind this “high spiritual essence”. However mostly they are very low, yes, evil spirits who use the body of weak minded and credent people to create confusion. The danger in addition is that out of first seemingly harmless craziness it can become heavy casts that can lead to addiction, madness and finally suicide of these people because they are no longer the master of their thoughts and feelings. I warn you, dear friends, the evil is lurking all over and always – to lead the curious ones and those who always want to know more astray from the good, the divine path. They are seduced and tempted by amazing renditions and promises as the truthful and natural were hold back from them.” (source: Alfred Hosp, “Kräfte des Geistes”, Eigen Verlag, page 72-73)

Bruno Gröning ones said: “Also the international situation is commanded by God; only that is allowed what helps the people to understand. But, believe me, the good will win in the end, because how it is in Europe today it will not stay. In the future the communism will vanish and the Iron Curtain as well as all other restrictions will fall. The younger ones among you will experience the united Europe with a collective currency. Yes, friends, there will be no Mark or Schillinge or Franken! (note from the translator: former European currencies) In every European country they will pay with the same money. Furthermore, it will become normal that all people that live here will call themselves Europeans only and also will feel as such. But that’s not all. Later mankind will decide, after many bitter experiences, to form a world government in which international deployment forces provided with authorizations will take care of scotching all impending conflicts. By this the people will learn to manage their different opinions with love, grace and with reason. If the teachings of Jesus, this means the nonviolence, is put into action all over the world the century of the will of God has began.” Understandable that, back then in the year 1956 there was embarrassed silence among the attendees if you consider that we were at the peak of the Cold War and therefore the just heard indeed sounded like a phantasy. For us Austrian people a union with Germany was even in the context of a united Europa hardly thinkable. (source: Alfred Hosp, “Kräfte des Geistes”, Eigen Verlag, page 121-123)