Contemporary Witnesses

The statements of a lot of contemporary witnesses relating to Bruno Gröning enable further interestings insides in his wide teachings. But we can not guarantee that it’s all based on true events. In our opinion these people and their statements are absolutely reliable.

The “Circle of Information: Life and teachings of Bruno Gröning Inc.”. is therefore highly interested to interview additional contemporary witnesses and to mention them here. We are grateful for everybody who get in touch with us concerning this matter (Contact).

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Bollack, Anneliese

  • rejuvenating sleep
  • the importance of controlling your thoughts
  • power equality between people
  • never loose your calmness
  • inner cleaning
  • the right way to consume meals

Hosp, Alfred

  • Occultism
  • spiritual insides
  • world politic issues

Trampler (Dr.), Kurt

  • Blasphemer excluded from healing
  • Freedom of will

Freiin Ebner von


  • Different healing reports
  • how one avoids a healing
  • healing through distance
  • menstrual pain
  • negative influence of the environment on the healing seeker
  • mentioned objects