Berlin 2016 (DE)

The independent community leader Rainer Langanki (second from right) of Petershagen (near Berlin, DE)  with three of his children who energetically supported the first informational event for East Germany in Berlin. In the middle it’s Thomas Busse (chairman).

Elli Meessen, the vice chairwoman and treasurer of the association, during one of her touching lectures. Amongst others she told about a healing, that happened to her during an informtional event in Bremen (DE), of a very painful stomache suffering.

Many made long ways to attend the first informationale event for East Germany. It was very touching how much joy and gratefullness could be felt.

A very special day for Thomas Busse, chairman of the association! Two of his sons who live in Berlin, also attended the event. Benjamin Busse (on the right) even hold a lecture and , as a physicist, drew parallels to the Teachings of Bruno Gröning.  Everybody was impressed of his talent to combine science and spirituality easily.

Denkendorf 2016 (DE)

Thomas Busse (Chairman) during one of his lectures. On the basis of his nine-years work as director for the three-pieces documentary “Das Phänomen Gröning“ („The Phenomenon Bruno Gröning“) he knows a lot about teh life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning.

Elli Meessen (Vice Chairwoman) talks about very touching experiences that reflect the essential, Christian topic of charity.

Thomas Evers (Secretary) experienced two healings of allergies. He tells in which different manner he was allowed to experience the healings.

To the delight of the chairman also young people visit the informational events.
(from left: Christoph Breindl and Anna Schweitzer from Austria, Julia Hieronymus from Munich)

Hanau 2016 (DE)

The members of the association: on the left Chairman Thomas Busse, in the middle vice chairman and treasurer Elli Meessen, on her right secretary Thomas Evers and Rainer Lange. Second from left is Julia Domenica, Thomas Busse’s fiancé and close helper of the association.

Like already done during many other events, the chairman Thomas Busse points out that the core of the TEachings of Bruno Gröning reflects the Teachings of Christ. This one should never keep a secret. The decision of the “Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends“, another Gröning-grouping, to keep it away from people, out of whatsoever reasons, that Gröning did speak about Christ, actually often and intensive, is utterly wrong in the opinions of the members of the association „Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning“.
„Who keeps this a secret is not open and honest to the people though Gröning pointed this out as an essential basis of his Teachings. Who manipulates the core of his Teachings can not expect that it has the vigour it could have. With all our strength we stand up for acting against this aberration and that Grönings Teachings does reach everybody again like he indead imparted it. Everything else is irresponsible!“ Thomas Busse

Thomas Evers, the secretary of the association, also helds a lecture in his fresh and grounded manner. The topics are close to life and inspiring.

A warm encounter: Thomas Busse and Mr Langanki, independent community leader from Petershagen near Berlin (DE), already shared some nice and intensive talks. The thought of realizing an informational event in Berlin for East Germany gets more concrete.

Manfred Schramm who leads 5 independent communities in the Allgäu with his lovely wife Traudel in talks with Thomas Busse. They are connected through a long-years friendship.

A small part of the visitors of the informational event in Hanau (DE). The personal encounters are not comparable. Skype, mails, writing SMS, calling, all normal in the media century. But to get to know each other from one human being to another, to look in one’s eyes still is much more intensiv. The exchange of experiences in the pauses is wanted and appreciated by everyone.

2015 –  Thomas Busse during a lecture of the informational event for West Germany in Hanau (DE). Consistently he points out how important it is not to listen to people but to go the spiritual path in all freedom and independence.

2014 – Spanish friends visit the informational event for Middle Germany in Zierenberg (DE). For Thomas Busse, the chairman of the “Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning” a very special encounter. Maria Molina (on the right next to Thomas Busse) leads several communities in Spain!

2009 – Gustl Pernatsch and Gerhard Sauli of the “Verein zur Förderung seelisch-geistiger und natürlicher Lebensgrundlagen e.V.” from Austria (the association which Bruno Gröning led be found during his lifetime but wished to end some time later) visited the informational event for Southern Germany in Denkendorf. The responsible people of the different association meet each other with great heartiness and tolerance!

2008 – An informational event takes place in Wiesbaden (DE). Together one takes in the power of God and exchanges insides and experiences.

2008 – The chairman Thomas Busse welcomes the attendees and leads through the program.

2008 – The hall in Wiesbaden is pretty full, the interest is high.

2008 – Elli Meessen, the vice chairwoman and treasurer, explains spiritual relations.

Hanau 2016 (DE)

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