Topics of the „Community Hours“

Bruno Gröning recorded a lot of tapes for the communities, so that the attendee could dedicate oneself to his Teachings though he was not present himself.
“I think, dear friends, that now a lot, a lot of things make sense. If it is not enough for you (…), so that you did not incorporate it, ask the person who did give you the record of mine that he gave it to you again to listen to.” (date unknown).

At the 8th December 1957 he said:
“And I also point out, dear friends, that we will always use these tapes for our on-going education.”
His Teachings should therefore be the main part of the “community hour”. But also to make links to other spiritual people and teachers is, like Bruno Gröning mentioned, desirable.

Not only his words but also the experiences of people with his teachings should be part of such a “community hour”.
“It will often happen in our circle of friends that this one or the other would be asked to talk, what he has in his heart, what moves him, (…).” (3rd Oct 1958)
“This is the purpose of the community, of the “community hour”, he is the teaching when everybody tells (…) how he experienced true in himself or at the person next to him, what he is convinced of. The untruth is not allowed to be carried in here, no spitefulness, no evil spirits. Here we do not talk about disease, here you are even not allowed to attach to the thought (…), you have to talk about the disease now! (…) When you have lost the evil (disease), that you are caught by the healing, then you can say: ‘So it was, and so it is, (…).’” (5th Oct 1958)

Additionally Bruno Gröning often mentioned that no “Ratsch und Tratsch” (like gossip), how he called it, should become the topic of conversation.
“How mankind waste his time by talking about his neighbours, relatives, friends, how this one and that one lives. ‘Dear friend’, I say, ‘ask yourself how you live, take care of yourself and your life first.’(…) Don’t talk careless! (…) In short terms, friends, away with the chit, away with the chat! (…) The hiding, the ‘talking behind one’s back’, that is the mean thing, that comes back to you. Free yourself from that!” (5th Oct 1958)

Reports of healing can help in particular that the belief in the almightiness of God becomes strong again. This was a high value to Bruno Gröning. He himself reported healing of a lot of people or let healed people speak in the “community hour”. Sometimes reports of healing were read to the group.

Not only the teachings but also the absorption of the divine healing power is an additional important aspect of the “community hour”. The more people open themselves for this divine power, the more it can fill up the room.

Praying for other people should be another topic of the “community hour”.
“For sick people at home it happens in the distance.” (17th Oct 1949), Bruno Gröning emphasized at many places.
“I know, (…), that the one or the other aksed for help for his relatives, for his befriended or related sick person so that also he will get the help. He has to stay in bed, he cannot walk, he can not be driven, he gasps for breath, he cries for God, he pleads for his life, he pleads for help. This person shall receive the help as well.” (Sept 1949)

As mentioned in the chapter “Schedule for a ‘Community Hour’” the pleas of the individual people have their place in silence during the music at the end of the meeting. Bruno Gröning never recommended or practiced praying aloud.

Of course, you can ask Bruno Gröning for help just like one speaks to other spiritual entities (e.g. angels) in a prayer.
“I want to stand by the people’s side with advice and action and show them the good way. And so you just need (…) to call for me and I am there immediately – please, don’t get the impression I am there in person but in spirit. If you eventually have pain, so call me and it happens what shall!” (23rd Sept 1950)