Schedule for “Community Hours”

In the beginning we would like to mention that whoever wants to visit a „community hour“ should get at least a short introduction into the teachings of Bruno Gröning to prevent misunderstandings. The visitor should also get to know about what he has to respect during such a gathering so that it can proceed without disruption.

You are welcome to download our “Short Introduction into Bruno Grönings Teachings” here:
Short Introduction as pdf

Out of our knowledge Bruno Gröning did not give instructions in which intervals the “community hours” should be held. Often a 3-weeks rhythm is chosen. But also every week or once a month “community hours” take place.

The word “community hour” is somehow confusing because seldom it’s only one hour. There are times that these gatherings are up to four hours long. In our opinion it makes sense to offer the possibility for such a meeting at least every four weeks. Especially for healing seekers who are in urgent need of help the distance between gatherings should not be too long. The decision about the length of these community gatherings is up to the intuition of the community leader. We think that it is important that one observes very closely if the capacity of the individual to absorb what’s given is still there.

Bruno Gröning wanted to avoid much too big communities. Referring to that on a tape one can find the following proof:
“Therefore I say everywhere: the circle or the community should be held small, not too big.” (date unknown).
Furthermore, he tells on this tape that there was a community in Munich with way over 600 people.
A woman said thereupon: “This goes too public, right?!”
Bruno Gröning answered: “Yes, that is what I do not want!” (date unknown)
By now one changed over to form several communities in one city or commune to avoid big crowds.

The concept of such a community lies in the hand of the respective leader. Recommended is to play some music after the reception. The attendees then have the opportunity to let go of daily life and of negative thoughts (thoughts of disease, worries etc.). Bruno Gröning emphasized again and again how important this is. He himself placed music before his lectures on some of his tapes. It was classic music as a basic principle. Relaxation and meditation music also offers nowadays an interesting alternative.

Following, eventually after an introduction by the community leader, if possible, we recommend playing the true voice of Bruno Gröning from CD. After approximately 20-30 minutes the community leader could refer to what Bruno Gröning said, to include own experiences or to go deeper into some important thoughts. Should there be no CDs available one could read excerpts from written lectures of Bruno Gröning. Attendees or communities can also pass on their experiences with his teachings or beliefs, just like that did Bruno Gröning. Some music at the end could offer a nice opportunity to pray for others in silence. There is no proof that Bruno Gröning preferred praying aloud. Quite the opposite!

Additionally, Bruno Gröning advised not to leave the room immediately after the “community hour”:
“I ask you (…) not immediately to leave your place but rather listen deep inside yourself, and so one by one leaves the room.” (31st Aug 1950)
“I ask you not to rush down the steps all at once, stay for a little while at your place (…). Take with you, take with you how much you can because especially now at the end it is often so that you (…), if you understood it correctly, then you can receive and indeed become healthy again.” (1st Sept 1950)
“Don’t talk, be quiet.” (5th Sept 1950)
“ I ask you to spend some more minutes here. (…) Listen a few minutes into yourself.” (23rd Sept 1950)

Our recommendation is that one asks the attendees to leave the room quietly like one wishes to after the final music, so that the others who wish to enjoy the silence a few minutes longer would not be disturbed.