Peace Meditation

This call is directed to all the people who want to pray together for peace. Independent of religion, confession or spiritual groups there is the opportunity to connect in a network of love.

Every first day of the month at 9 pm (summertime 10 pm) a lot of people already ask, for approximately 15 minutes, for all-embracing peace of nations. Every one can attend through the mind (alone at home of in a community, group etc.) and hereby strengthen the peace force which is needed urgently by mankind.

Here is a suggestion for the process of a peace meditation:

  • Go into silence and become relaxed (eventually with the help of meditative music).
  • Pray devotional the peace prayer that is shown below.
  • Imagine afterwards that love fills up the hearts of all humans and therefore peace will spread all over.

Peace Prayer
Father of love, we humans are all your children,
no matter how much we differ from each other,
we still are brothers and sisters.

We plea for all-embracing love in our hearts,
for compassion and awe for life,
for the beneficial strength to forgive everybody.

We open ourselves for the pureness of your healing light,
so that the fire of charity inflames,
for the salvation of mankind and earth.

Kindly we reach out for one’s hands in our thoughts,
independent of religion or spiritual home,
in the strong belief of global peace.

Thomas Busse