Due to the fact that a lot of people experienced healing while listening to the words of Bruno Gröning and by simultaneously absorbing the divine power, groups formed spontaneously. They are called communities.

On the 5th of October 1958 Bruno Gröning said referring to that:
“I, myself, did not build up a circle of friends, (…), but this arised from the free will of people, (…).  So was it that the communities came to live, dear friends. It would have been wrong if I would have said: “So, you create a community, and you, and you (…) and so on and on. (…)” In most cases it was (…) that (…) when this one and that one experienced healing at one’s own body, (that they) did feel obliged to help others to be as lucky as they are.”

Bruno Gröning fulfilled the wish of many leaders of communities to visit such circle of friends. In the context of these gatherings he gave countless lectures. The “Gröning-Bund”, an umbrella organization founded 1953 by initiative of Gröning, took care of those. Unfortunately like often he got utterly disappointed by his co-workers.

It was replaced by the „Verein zur Förderung seelisch-geistiger und natürlicher Grundlagen“ (Translation: “Association for the Advancement of Spiritual, Mental and Natural Foundations of Life”) in 1958. Bruno Gröning did always aim for a registered association to ensure the legal protection of his doings. However after a short period of time he was very unsatisfied with the leading of the association so that he wanted to end the association again (also see “FAQ”). But it could not happen because he died at the 26th of January 1959.

During the course of his life Bruno Gröning had to change his plans out of unfavorable events and big personal disappointments. In the beginning he wanted to rise up healing places in cooperation with doctors. Under convenient circumstances he would have been up to act in hospitals under the survey of doctors. Later he even wanted to become an alternative practitioner but he got refused. He did everything to help people in a well-ordered manner. Thereby he showed himself very flexible.

In the meantime new associations got founded out of various reasons. All these associations take care of their affiliated communities.

In the last years more often independent communities were formed in which the visitors, detached of an association or grouping, could engage themselves in the Teachings of Bruno Gröning and absorb the divine power together. The “Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning Inc.” supports such independent communities and the development of a free unity and spiritual network.