Members & Helpers

The members of the association: on the left Chairman Thomas Busse, in the middle vice chairwoman and treasurer Elli Meessen, on her right secretary Thomas Evers and Rainer Lange. Second from left is Julia Domenica, Thomas Busse’s fiancée and close helper of the association.

Thomas Busse – Chairman

Artist, Coach, Publishing House Owner

“Since 1985 by now I am interested in the life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning. Sceptic in the beginning I realized more and more how invaluable the implementation of the Teachings of Bruno Gröning can be for us people.
‘A good tree brings good fruit’, said Jesus. Of that I could assure myself more and more intensely refering to Bruno Gröning during all these years. People find back their belief in God, Christ and His Teachings becomes more understandable for many, help and healing happens, the practised belief gets more visible in daily life. This is the reason why I engage myself in this association on a voluntary basis.
Unfortunately there are also people, like in any other movement also, who become fanatic and dogmatic and create a personality cult. This Gröning never ever wanted. On the basis of my nine-years work on the three-piece, highly complex documentary ‘Das Phänomen Gröning’ (‘The Phenomenon Gröning’) I got a deep inside into the life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning. I could assure myself that he was a true servant of God!”

Elli Meessen– Vice Chairwoman & Treasurer

Consultant for Taxation and Business Law

“On June the 13th in 1993 I came in touch with the Teachings of Bruno Gröning for the first time.
Over the years I could assure myself of the truth of his words. From the beginning I appreciated his simple, straight and precise statements to the Teachings of Christ.
He motivated me to engage myself with the Bibel again and made the meaning of Christ’s words in this day and age understandable and alive for me.
His statement ‘I AM NOTHING, THE LORD IS IT ALL’ tells so much about the human Bruno Gröning who was filled with Christ’s presence and put his life task, to motivate the people return to God, into action.
This and a lot more caused me to engage myself for this association on a volunatry basis.”

Thomas Evers – Secretary

Degreed engineer (engine construction), own engineer office for sectoral planing refering to water treatment plants; expertises

“When I heard of Bruno Gröning for the first time in 1986 (being almost 19 years old) it was being in uncharted waters for me. ‘Healing through the spiritual way’ was totally unknown for me till this point. However the person Bruno Gröning did awake my interest, caused by the reported healings as well as single statements of him.
Today I would say it was something like an inner urge to go into the matter and to check out what lies behind. I did engage myself into what he recommended with the result that I got to know a totally unknown side of life. And this is an ongoing process till now.
Today I can say that his rules for life, communicatded with simple words, did influence my life significantly and most positively. I would find it egoistic if I would want to have this only for my own, maybe this explains my motivation closest. To create the possibility that every man can inform oneself about this, without pressure, force or else, is a matter to my heart.
As well as the wish to help clearing up misunderstandings about the person Bruno Gröning by preferably complete and unaltered information.”

Rainer Lange – Association Member


“In 1982, on the search of the sense in life, I got to know and to love the Teachings of Bruno Gröning after many examinations with different spiritual topics and religious directions.
Right from the start the Teachings of Bruno Gröning gave me a totally new view on life and belief e.g. through my own experiences in healing. For me it made the belief in God alive.
Unfortunately often nowadays information around the person Bruno Gröning are knowingly kept secret or got adulterated to create a picture of him what was not in his intention. He did not want a cult around his person but, with his Teachings, show the people a way back to the belief in God.’Don’t thank me, thank the Lord’, Gröning told people who did get help and healing.
It is a matter to my heart to make the original Teachings of Bruno Gröning available to other people, in love and freedom and uncensored. This is the reason why I engage myself for the association on a voluntary basis.”

Voluntary Helpers

Following we present our helpers who support the “Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning Inc.” on a voluntary basis. If you wish to help us, too, then be welcome to get in touch via E-Mail Please note that it is not required for you to be named on this webpage. It only happens with the agreement of the respective helper. We are very grateful for your engagement!

Julia Domenica – International Contacts, SocialMedia & Website, Translations & Coordinator for Translations

Artist, Degreed Chemist, Self-employed with BODY IN RESONANCE

„’Without God there is no life!’ (quote of Bruno Gröning) – Since I was little I felt deeply connected to the Teachings of Jesus Christ. I am a very grounded person, this does not exclude deep spirituality for me, quite the contrary. Even if there were indeed stages of quarelling with God in my life somehow there was always a deep consciousness inside of me that we are a part of Him. To attach myself to a grouping always was a suspicious concept for me and I do not belong to any church anymore. The clarity and intensity of God’s truth is to be found at many places. Perhaps nowhere such extensive like in the commandments of Moses and in the life and Teachings of Christ. So why engage for Bruno Gröning then?
His total dedication and deep love towards God and for the people, his impressive doings and simultaneous humbleness, his on-point words did convince me. Verily, Bruno Gröning was no speaker of empty phrases of whom there are enough. His words were his life concept and by that he offers man everything what one needs for his spirtual development. Man must only put it into action. The simplicity, power and straightness of his Teachings as well as the connection to the Teachings of Christ which he always emphasized makes it a matter to my heart to support his work which he always named the work of God.“

Marion Prahm – Contact for Data and Questions refering to Independent Communities

Socio-paedagogical Family Assistance

“As a young student one day I felt the intense wish inside of me that my belief in God and Jesus Christ becomes more daily practicable, concrete applicable, stronger alive.
Shortly after I got to know an alternative practioner who already were familiar with the Teachings of Bruno Gröning.
In 2004 I let myself be introduced into the Teachings of Bruno Gröning. Since then my belief and trust grew, I experienced many daily practicable helps and also healing, personal, in my private cicrle of friends and family and also at my work.
From year to year I feel more connected to Jesus Christ and I am convinced of the truth of the Teachings of Bruno Gröning.
The way in which the people of the ‘Ccircle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning’ are active appeals to me very much. Now I am glad to support the association on a volunatry basis – starting Summer 2016 – as contact for data and questions refering to independent communities.”

David Panadero Molina – Spanish Translations

Journalist & Translator

“I’ve met the teachings of Bruno Gröning many years ago by the words of my mother, María Molina, who leads a beautiful community in Spain for a long time.
As a young man my stubborn personality took time for accepting and embracing the teachings but I’m so glad right now of practising them.
The very simple yet direct way of acting that Bruno Gröning wants for us, will provide you with a life of blessings and a warming heart, I experienced it myself for the daily life routine and more specifically from my family around me, witnessing countless times the benefits from spiritual healing.”

Currently we are looking for support in the following areas:

  • Frensh translations of quotes and, if required, website content
  • Russian Translation of quotes and, if required, website content

Please, get in touch with us via E-mail if you wish to support the “Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning Inc.” on a voluntary basis.