The Formation of the Association "Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning“

Years ago the Bruno Gröning-Freundeskreis (translation: Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends) in which I was engaged many years decided to eliminate all passages from Bruno Gröning’s lectures in which he talked about Christ. The statement was that by doing this it would be easier for Moslems to accept his Teachings. Friends of mine and I were shocked. In our belief this was equal to a manipulation. Someone said uncomprehending to me: „Where will be the end? Did one maybe in the future also eliminate Bruno Grönings statements about God for making the approach to his teachings easier for atheists?“

Basically, Bruno Gröning did profess to Christ and His teachings but without degrading any other religion. His profession did not mean that he was dogmatic or intolerant in any way. Never did he claim that only the Christian way leads to God.

„Indeed, I was born into and raised up in a catholic family but I did never find an inner connection towards the rites of the church. For me the divine was first and will always be. I do not look at a person by his way and his form to which he comes to God. The main point for me is that he comes to God at all. I even do not ask to which race or nation one belongs because all people are children of God (…), this is what my intuition always tells me.“ (21st Oct 1949/Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Without misunderstanding he stated:
„I ask no person about his religion and nation. They are all humans, all children of God.“ (31st Aug 1949)
„What I have to bring here is surely for every single person, no matter which nation or confession he belongs to, no matter if he is poor or rich, to me every human is equal, also the skin colour doesn’t matter at all and even less the mother tongue.“ (handwritten)

In the end Bruno Gröning was focused on the turning back of the people towards God:
„Often I have given you the knowing what my actual aim is: I want to lead every human back to the belief because every human is a creature of nature, every human is a child of God. We people only have one father and this is our Lord. And because many people went off belief and I want to lead them back to belief.“ (1st Oct 1949)

That Bruno Gröning did profess himself to Christ as the Son of God and to His Teachings is not to be concealed because it is the core aspect of his Teachings. He spoke with insistent words,  especially to us Christians:
„A really, true Christian can only be the one who follows Christ as Christ did expect it from us, as His teachings tell us about. And therefore Christ was thirty-three years on this earth, that is to say in the body which God had gave him for this life on earth so that He can communicate all what God has to say for us, for all mankind! Because differently the people could not listen to God anymore (…) He (the human) is in need for the bond to God. (…) And more did Christ not intend, more did God not intend, this is the real, true divine teaching, that is the teaching of Christ how He gave it to us, to mankind to take along: Being connected to God, that, my dear friends, is everything!“ (4th Dec 1958)

Concerned he added:
„Christ did gave us so much good to take along. Why did the people not take the good to their hearts, why didn’t they absorb it?“ (4th Dec 1958) „Was Christ not the greatest role model for mankind?“ (4th Dec 1958)
„It’s just that it is the teachings of Christ that you have to take to your heart.“ (4th Dec 1958)

These quotations came from the last official lecture of Bruno Gröning at the 4th December 1958, which he recorded especially for the former communities. Shortly, two months later he died. This voice documentation is like a legacy to his friends and, in a special way, an insistent call to all to finally follow Christ and His Teachings. If he who could verifiably look into the future had not wanted the Moslems to know about his profession to Christ, he would have spoken differently, for sure. Again and again, he referred to Him in his lectures.

In the end this is the truth! And this truth one should not deform. If I were a Moslem I would not accept to get tricked by any as such seemingly logic explanation. I am convinced that every person prefers to know the truth instead of censured texts. Furthermore, the Islam does also accept Christ as one great prophet. If people see Christ, Mohammed, Buddha or someone else as their ideal we have to accept it limitless and to meet this approach with absolute tolerance. Intolerance is a problem of many religious people but it would be wrong to act in accordance or to bring oneself into line.

On the basis of these circumstances the „Informationskreis: Leben und Lehre Bruno Grönings“ (translation: Circle of Information: Life and Teachings of Bruno Gröning“) was formed. It is our ambition to give on the Teachings of Bruno Gröning completely and uncensored without stating our activities in any way as „the one way to become blessed“. That our association is seen as a competitor in some circles is not understandable to us. We respect every grouping, which engages in Bruno Gröning and his Teachings. We just want to contribute so that interested people can engage in Bruno Gröning and his Teachings to figure out their own picture. We disapprove of any kind of personality cult, being a slave to someone, dogmatism and fanaticism. None of the independent communities to be found on this webpage were set up by us. We just support them if they wish for. They act in total freedom!

Thomas Busse